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DuoWoman – Q&A with @pascalebanks

Written by Zara Thacker
DuoWoman – Q&A with @pascalebanks
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Meet DuoWoman Pascale Banks a fashion, lifestyle & beauty content creator with an exceptionally good eye for colour and floral floaty dresses. Read on and discover which DuoBoots styles Pascale has her eyes on this season.  

 Frey Black Leather Boots

How would you describe your style, what makes you feel confident? 

I am the ultimate dress girl, a floaty puff sleeve maxi is my happy place. I feel the most confident when I walk out the door in something that I know suits my body shape and style identity. Loving your outfit is the ultimate confidence boost, if I leave the house not feeling 100% with my look it definitely affects my mood.  


How will you be styling your DuoBoots this season? 

I love to toughen up feminine floral dresses with chunky boots and classic leather bikers or trench coats. This is definitely one of my signature styles that sees me through the Autumn/Winter season and I know I will be wearing the Balla boots in black non-stop! I am also very excited to have added the Freya boots to my wardrobe. This style is so classic and the perfect alternative to a heeled shoe on a night out, I can also confirm that they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn! 


What does comfort mean to you? 

Throwing something on that you feel super confident in is my comfort zone. I usually opt for no heels as I like to walk everywhere but as I mentioned above, the Freya knee-high boots are so comfortable you wouldn't even know you’re wearing heels! 


What buying decisions are you making to cultivate a more sustainable wardrobe? 

I am not rushing into purchases, stopping impulse buying has been a big thing for me and made it possible to save for timeless pieces that I will keep forever. I would rather own 5 things I’m mad about than have a wardrobe full of pieces that don’t make me feel fabulous.  

Quality over quantity is definitely the key! I am also a huge fan of vintage shopping. There are a few websites that I love and regularly buy from including The Hosta, where I recently got my hands on a vintage Chanel bag and I absolutely love Second Stories Vintage for dresses.  

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