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What is your regular shoe size?

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If you are between sizes we recommend you select a half size bigger.

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How would you describe your foot width?

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What’s your calf size?

Learn how to measure your calf here

How to measure your calf

To find your DuoBoots fit, follow our three simple steps to measuring your calf.


Sit barefoot and place your feet firmly against the floor, making sure your leg is at a 90° angle


Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your calf


Repeat on the other leg, measuring each calf to the nearest 1cm

Need more help? Watch our video on how to measure your calf

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  • 50
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How tall are you?

5 FT 7 IN

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How would you describe your body shape?

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This information helps us tailor your fit so your DuoBoots fit beautifully

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How old are you?

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This information helps us tailor your fit so your DuoBoots fit beautifully

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Welcome to The Boot Room

Welcome to The Boot Room, a space we have created to share our stories as well as yours, a space where we hope to inspire, uplift and empower. ...
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The DuoBoots Changemakers: Meet Ness Knight

21 December 2020
Ness Knight is an accomplished explorer, survivalist, and conservationist. Growing up in South Africa, Ness has always had a passion for adventure. She has completed a diverse range of expeditions including in 2016, she cycled solo and self-supported across the Northern Namib desert, exploring......

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The DuoBoots Changemakers: Meet Alexandra Wilson

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Notes on style with DuoBoots Changemaker Charly Cox

09 December 2020
  Poet and mental health ambassador, Charly Cox shares what she loves about dressing for the colder months, with notes on how she styles her DuoBoots. What is your go-to style of boot? I loved the Camden boots. I’ve always been nervous about knee......

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The DuoBoots Changemakers: Meet Charly Cox

07 December 2020
Charly Cox is a bestselling poet and mental health advocate. Her first published work, She Must Be Mad, quickly became the U.K.’s bestselling poetry debut of 2018, followed by Validate Me – a raw account of the highs and lows of a life lived online.......

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What inspires a changemaker?

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Intro: Being a Changemaker means being someone who’s able to inspire others but who or what inspires a Changemaker? We put the question to Dr Mena Fombo. Your track record is admirable, to say the least, you have headed endless projects and organisations for......

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Meet the DuoBoots Changemakers

21 November 2020
To be a Changemaker is not for the weak of heart. It takes time, courage, creativity, passion and resilience. At DuoBoots, we work to change the way footwear is made for women. It might sound simple but we are the only footwear company in......

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We’re doing things a little differently this Black Friday.

18 November 2020
For #blackfriday 2020 we are inviting you, our DuoBoots family, to join us as we say no to discounts and instead, reward a lockdown superstar who will be gifted a pair of boots. Whether it’s the teacher who inspired your child, the supermarket clerk......

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Mastering feminine biker style

At DuoBoots we love biker boots! Read our blog for all of the styling inspiration you've been dreaming of!
29 September 2020
At DuoBoots, we're big fans of biker boots! We love the style for both its practicality and versatility. Yes that's right, versatility! Many think that biker-style boots can't be feminine, as inherently masculine styles due to the 'tough' design and nature.However, we couldn't disagree......

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