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We work in partnership with artisan European bootmakers with whom we have a close longstanding relationship. We source the finest Italian leathers and suedes for them to expertly craft our collections, bringing our designer’s ideas to life.

Making DuoBoots - The 8 Steps

1. The Last-makers

All our boots begin their journey at the last-makers. This is where the ‘lasts’ that form the basis of each style are created and our designers work closely with our last-making team to develop shapes unique to us.

2. Cordwaining

Expert cordwainers create the tailored leg fittings, and we line our boots with quality leather to make them feel extra luxurious. For certain styles, we choose (equally comfy) waterproof fabric linings or superior bovine linings, which give the boots great structure.

3. Detail

We believe that beauty lies in the detail: turned seams, fine piping, intricate broguing and multiple rows of stitching...carefully chosen components –heels designed by us - and beautiful embellishments...buckles, straps and buttons. We work with a highly experienced team of experts to make sure we get them just right.

4. Colour & Materials

When creating a collection, we select the finest materials and put together our own palette of seasonal colours. We invest in the softest, most luxurious Italian leathers with hand finishing, natural dyes, and small runs of limited edition leathers exclusive to us. These fine leathers give an exceptional finish and are versatile and hard-wearing.

5. Soles & In-socks

We take great care choosing the type of sole and in-sock for each of our designs. For example, rubber soles are ideal for pieces that are intended to be hard-wearing, whereas leather soles with rubber inserts work best for workwear and evening styles. Our in-socks are made with leather and memory foam and are added to make sure that all our boots and ankle boots feel as gorgeous as they look!

6. Closing

We believe the best finishing techniques are worth splashing out on. One of these techniques is called ‘closing’ – the way the boot or shoe is closed at the front and back using specialist machines. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art machines to help our craftsmen perfect this delicate art.

7. Finishing

The last part of the design process is choosing the ‘finish’ of the leather – whether it will be coated, brushed, buffed, polished, or waxed. Our craftsmen do this by hand and each technique creates a different look – from soft and casual to glossy and glamorous. The end result is definitely worth the elbow grease!

8. The Last, Luxe Detail

Finally, in-socks made with leather and memory foam are added to make sure that all our boots and ankle boots feel as gorgeous as they look!