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The Modern Made to Measure Boots: DuoBoots

Written by Chloe Lockyer
The Modern Made to Measure Boots: DuoBoots
The Modern Made to Measure Boots: DuoBoots
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Traditional made-to-measure, a service where something  is  tailor-made to your exact specifications,  is typically a service shoppers turn to when they cannot find their sizing ‘off the rack’. However, this option often incurs a high price tag, especially when it comes to footwear, making it inaccessible  for many. 

Yet,  this need not be the case, as the  ‘made-to-measure’ concept we know has been slowly  modernising – now customisation doesn't need hefty price tags and months long waiting times.

 three women wearing black leather flat boots

So, what is this alternative to made-to-measure? 

DuoBoots  offers  a  modern, affordable take on the traditional made-to-measure  service  thanks to our unique offering of 8 different calf sizes.

This  modern  take on a  made-to-measure  service  essentially means making a product available in many sizing options to grant everyone the perfect fit. This doesn’t mean you will end up with something unique, but you will be getting something which is exactly right for you.  For instance,  you can tailor products to your exact needs and wants,  such as the  tone of a lipstick, properties of a shampoo, shade of a foundation and in our case, the calf and foot size of your boots.  

An important factor of this is the price. This new wave of  made-to-measure is far more affordable as brands are listening to the expectations of their customers and increasing their product offering. This allows people to find their perfect match with said brand, rather than having it  tailor-made elsewhere. 

DuoBoots: – the next best thing to  made-to-measure: 

At  DuoBoots, we bridge the gap between the high street  and tailor-made  when it comes to  knee high and over the knee boots  thanks to our most important value and our niche focus: fit. We believe all women deserve to have a pair of boots which fit beautifully, look great, and make them feel incredible 


woman wearing burgundy narrow calf heeled boots

DuoBoots Fit: 

On the high street, the average calf size of a knee high or over the knee boot is 38cm. Of course, this is very limiting and leaves many unable to find a boot which fits them, whether too loose or too tight on the calf. 

To empower women and strive for inclusivity, we offer 8 calf sizes in every style of our knee high and over the knee bootsOur calf fittings range from a slim fitting 30cm right through to a wide fit 50cm calf size. Equally, our collection caters for foot sizes from a size EU 35 through to EU 43.  This extensive choice of sizing is what makes us stand out as an affordable alternative to made-to-measure, as it is unrivalled and  competitively  priced.  

At DuoBoots we are always trying to improve our offering. As we are a ‘fit’ brand, this is the key area we are focussing on moving forward, as we are planning to expand our size offering to cater for petite and standard heights, as well as the current ‘standard’ we offer. Be sure to keep an eye out for this exciting development soon to come. 

Finding out your calf size is easy. Simply follow the steps in our  fit finder or order one of our nifty DuoBelts.  

The DuoBelt

DuoBoots Style:  

Increasing sizing options doesn’t  mean we compromise on style. We work hard to  produce  collections which include both timeless classics and trend-led  styles. Our British designs feature interesting leather finishes and subtle details  sure  to elevate any outfit.  

DuoBoots Quality: 

Our exacting standards mean we only use premium European leathers and suedes to produce high-quality boots. These are then created in family-run, highly-skilled  artisan factories in Portugal, which we have worked with for many years. 

The quality of our boots is by no means limited because we are creating boots at a higher volume. At DuoBoots, we have been taking on board our customer insights since the very beginning, which is how our great choice of sizing came about. We listen to the needs of our customer which is why we see limited sizing to be a thing of the past  and are whole-heartedly invested in the modern  take on  made-to-measure.  


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