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knee high black leather boots

Size guide

If you're not sure which shoe size to go for, click on our "Boot Sizing" tab to find out the exact measurements. Discover more about DuoBoots sizing and get to know the anatomy of our leather boots.

DuoBoots size guide

Get to know your boots

1. Instep

The instep covers the top of your foot – all our boots have zips that come down to the very bottom of the boot, this will make it easier to get your foot into the boot if you have high insteps. If the boots are too tight try a size up.

2. Toe

At DuoBoots we offer a few different styles of toe shape – rounded, almond, and pointed – if you are in-between sizes and want a more pointed toe it may be more comfortable to size up. Reach out to our customer service team who will be able to assist you further.

3. Shaft

The most important part of our knee high boots! We measure the shaft from the top of the heel to the very top of the boot. The shaft is where we do the majority of our customisations – depending on the style, they will come in one or three different heights, but every style has our signature eight different calf sizes. Read more on our sizing pages.

4. Foot Width

All our boots have a medium width around the ball of the foot – find the exact measurement in our handy size guide. (Click on the Boot Sizing tab above)

EU UK US AU Foot Length mm Width mm (Standard) Width mm - Ankle Only (wide)
35 2 5 4.5 217 223 230
36 3 6 5.5 224 226 233
37 4 6.5 6.5 230 230 236
38 5 7.5 7.5 237 233 240
39 6 8 8.5 244 236 243
40 7 9 9.5 250 240 246
41 8 10 10.5 257 243 250
42 9 11 11.5 263 246 253
43 10 12 12.5 270 250 256

Find your perfectly fitting knee high boots

DuoBoots aren’t your average pair of boots! Each style comes in 72 different size combinations – incorporating foot size as well as calf size - so we understand that finding the perfect fit can be more complex than your average shoe shop.

Our shoe fit uses standard sizing – so go for whatever shoe size you normally go for. For pointed-toe boots such as the Freya or the Saffron and heeled boots such as the Belmore we suggest sizing up in the foot – when wearing heels your feet naturally are pushed into the toe area, so a little more room in those areas always helps. For full foot measurements check out our foot size chart.

For your calf sizes the best way to measure them is with a tape measure or our own DuoBelt (only available in the UK). Place both feet firmly on the ground and pass the tape around the widest part of your calf – measure both legs, if there is a difference take the average. As all our boots have in built stretch choose the lowest size closest to yours. Eg if you have a 46cm calf opt for the 44cm size.

DuoBoots uses time-honoured craftsmanship techniques to build our handmade boots – uncompromising in comfort, fit, and style. As each pair of boots is made by hand in our workshops in Portugal each pair of boots may differ slightly. With wear, the leather will mould to your foot and calf – here are some tips for breaking your boots in.


Coat your new boots with natural leather conditioner.


For the first few outings in your new boots we suggest wearing as thick socks as you can, and keep to inside the house. Continued wear allows the leather to shape to you.


Leather is natural and requires patience. The more your wear your boots – the better the fit.

Remember – getting your fit 100% right the first time doesn’t work for everyone. Everybody is different – and height, calf shape, calf size, and ankle size all contribute to boots fitting differently. If you are unsure whilst ordering reach out to our friendly customer service team via chat or email, and they will be able to help you find your dream knee high boots.

If your boots really don’t fit – you can always exchange for a new size in our fast, free, and easy exchange process.

How to take care of your boots

To preserve the look and extend the life of your handmade DuoBoots, we recommend taking care of your boots through proper cleaning and storing.

Cleaning Leather
woman wearing slim calf petite black leather heeled boots

· Clean regularly – brush off dust with a damp cloth
· Ideally, apply a leather protector before wearing.
· Apply a leather conditioner every few months to keep them supple

Cleaning Suede
slim fit green suede boots

· Clean regularly – brush off dust with a damp cloth
· Ideally, apply a leather protector before wearing.
· Apply a leather conditioner every few months to keep them supple

Storing your boots

Store your boots upright to maintain their shape – use boot trees or scrunched-up newspaper.

knee high black leather boots

Avoid getting your boots wet – they are made from natural materials which can change if exposed to excessive water. If they go get wet, place scrunched-up newspaper in them as soon as possible. Do not put them next to a radiator or other heat source as this will dry the material out and potentially shrink.

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