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Boots Around the World: Unique Styles and Their Histories

Written by Amy Grief
Boots Around the World: Unique Styles and Their Histories
Boots Around the World: Unique Styles and Their Histories
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Many popular styles of boot that are seen in modern day have a rich cultural history. Dive into our most popular styles roots and gain a deeper historical understanding of your boots below.

Cowboy Boots - United States

The American West is synonymous with cowboy boots. With their pointed toes, high shafts, and distinctive designs, cowboy boots have been a staple for ranchers, rodeo performers, and fashion enthusiasts alike. Beyond their functional use on horseback, these boots have become a symbol of Western culture as well as a fashion statement with the cowboy boot trend still being incredibly popular.  

And you can always read more about the western boots history and evolution or how to style cowboy boots.

Saffron in Green Suede

Knee High Boots - Spain

Knee high boots originated in Europe around the 15th century as riding boots however they were first depicted in Spain much earlier. The oldest known depiction of knee high boots is in a cave painting from Spain dated between 12,000 and 15,000 B.C.E. This painting depicts a man in leather boots and a woman in fur boots. In the 21st century, knee high boots continue to be a dynamic and versatile fashion statement. From classic leather styles, such as our Dalia Boot, to trendy patterns and materials, like our faux croc Saffron, these boots adapt to evolving tastes and trends. 

Stiletto Heels - Italy 

Stiletto heels were first made by the Italian designer Roger Vivier in the 1950’s and stem from the Italian word ‘stiletto’ which refers to a long, slender dagger. After their inventions, stiletto heels quickly gained popularity among women who sought to make a bold fashion statement. The fashion industry embraced this new trend, incorporating stiletto heels into various shoe designs, ranging from pumps to boots like our very own Freya Knee High Boot.

Freya in Burgundy Leather

In conclusion, many of the popular boot styles seen today have origins all around the world. Whether we choose to slip on a stiletto or a patterned cowboy boot - we carry with us styles and traditions of countless cultures that should not be forgotten.

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