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Western Boots: A Style Breakdown

Written by Amy Grief
Western Boots: A Style Breakdown
Western Boots: A Style Breakdown
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The Western Boot trend has fashion fanatics wanting every style on the market. Read on for a deep dive into this trend and how to find the perfect style for you. 

Traditional Western Boots

These are probably what you think of when you think of western boots. They stereotypically have high shafts, angled heels, pointed toes, and intricate stitching. Traditional Western boots were initially designed for functionality, crafted to withstand the hardships of ranch work and riding horses. They are classically made with leather, much like our beloved Saffron however in modern times they are now made in a range of materials from suede to other animal skins.



One defining feature of Roper boots is their low heel and short shaft. This design not only makes them more comfortable for extended wear but also sets them apart from their taller, more traditional counterparts. The appeal of Roper boots extends beyond the ranch, and their timeless design has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Fashion Cowboy Boots

These boots prioritise fashion over function. They might feature exaggerated embellishments, flashy colours, unique patterns, or unconventional materials. Fashion cowboy boots appeal to those looking to make a bold statement and are often seen in runway shows or urban settings.

Short cowboy boots

Short cowboy boots, also known as ankle boots, embody a unique blend of Western charm and practicality. These boots, distinguished by their lower shaft that typically grazes the ankle, provide a stylish and comfortable alternative to the taller traditional and Roper boot. Our very own Gwen embodies this style perfectly merging the ease and comfort of an ankle boot with style and western flair. Wear these boots with jeans for a casual look or with a summer dress for a touch of femininity.


Whether you're a seasoned cowboy boot lover or new to the trend, there's a style to suit every taste and occasion. From the classic silhouette of traditional Western boots to the trendsetting fashion cowboy boots, the diversity in styles and types ensures there's a perfect pair to suit you.

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