We are thrilled to say Haltham is now available in 3 heights!

Yes that's right, as well as a great choice of calf sizes and foot sizes, Haltham is now available in a choice of 3 heights, those being petite, standard and tall, so you really can find your perfect fit...this means Haltham should work for all of you, no matter your height, calf or foot size!

A classic and timeless riding style boot, Haltham has a neat round toe and a slim ankle; perfect to wear with both workwear and weekend outfits. What's more, the knee high boot is fabric-lined, to keep you warm in the colder months.

We hope this news is welcomed by you, as it has been a labour of love for us. We have been working on our understanding around fit to be able to develop a boot in varying heights, as we wanted to ensure we got it right first time. That's why you'll see the gradient in height is not equal, with the petite standing at 37cm, the standard at 39cm and the tall at 43cm. 

We chose to develop our fit with Haltham to begin with, as with it being a classic style, it should appeal to the majority. Just remember, that classic doesn't have to mean boring, it's down to how you personally style the boots!

If you'd like to see this height offering in other styles, be sure to let us know! You can reach us easily on Instagram. Lastly, we urge you to use our Fit Finder to help you find your perfect fit of Haltham, or indeed another style.