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What is your regular shoe size?

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If you are between sizes we recommend you select a half size bigger.

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How would you describe your foot width?

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What’s your calf size?

Learn how to measure your calf here

How to measure your calf

To find your DuoBoots fit, follow our three simple steps to measuring your calf.


Sit barefoot and place your feet firmly against the floor, making sure your leg is at a 90° angle


Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your calf


Repeat on the other leg, measuring each calf to the nearest 1cm

Need more help? Watch our video on how to measure your calf

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How tall are you?

5 FT 7 IN

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How would you describe your body shape?

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This information helps us tailor your fit so your DuoBoots fit beautifully

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How old are you?

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This information helps us tailor your fit so your DuoBoots fit beautifully

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Welcome to The Boot Room

Welcome to The Boot Room, a space we have created to share our stories as well as yours, a space where we hope to inspire, uplift and empower.  

You can expect realistic and easy styling suggestions making use of wardrobe staples, introducing trend-led pieces on occasion and of course, based around our collection of timeless boots. 

You can also expect behind-the-scenes content as we wish to let you in to the inner workings of DuoBoots, as part of our goal to improve our transparency. 

And of course, you should expect to see you. That’s right, you. It is true that when a friend recommends a product we listen, because we trust their opinion and value their honesty. So, we wanted to include the opinions of our customers, so you can take their word for it, not just ours. 

We hope you enjoy this space as one for sharing honest stories and lifestyle content we all enjoy. As ever, if you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t be shy in reaching out to us!   

DuoBoots: A Beautiful Fit

The fit of a DuoBoots boot is like no other and we’re not afraid to say it. That’s right, we are proud to say you won’t find a fitted boot like ours anywhere else. We are the only company to offer such an extensive range of calf sizes, 11 to be precise.  

09 June 2020
The fit of a DuoBoots boot is like no other and we’re not afraid to say it.   That’s right, we are proud to say you won’t find a fitted boot like ours anywhere else. We are the only company to offer such an extensive range of calf sizes,......

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What DuoBoots means to us

We want you to get to know us, as we spend so much of our time at work trying to get to know you.We are all passionate aboutDuoBoots, and all for different reasons. What is interesting, is that for some of us it’snot even about the boots, but about the company itself andits values,which we hope will shed some light on us for you, and who knows, you may even see DuoBoots for something you didn’t before. 
08 June 2020
In the midst of planning for our relaunch, we got together over Zoom to discuss what we wanted the brand to be moving forward.    Of course, many ideas came to life and you will be seeing them in our product, on our website and......

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The Modern Made to Measure: DuoBoots

DuoBoots  offers  a  modern, affordable take on the traditional made-to-measure  service  thanks to our unique offering of 11 different calf sizes.
29 May 2020
Traditional made-to-measure, a service where something  is  tailor-made to your exact specifications,  is typically a service shoppers turn to when they cannot find their sizing ‘off the rack’. However, this option often incurs a high price tag, especially when it comes to footwear, making......

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DuoBoots is open for business, let us explain a little more

Exciting news - DuoBoots is open for business!
25 May 2020
DuoBoots is open for business, let us explain a little more.    Yes, you read that correctly, DuoBoots is open for business!  Now, we know what you’re thinking. What? How? Why? We get it, it’s confusing from the outside for sure. With this in mind, we wanted to explain the......

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Mothering Sunday: Time to Celebrate

Mothering Sunday is a celebration for all, as a time for sharing joy with your female relationships. Join our discussion here. See our styling tips here.

21 April 2020
With Mothering Sunday coming up, it has us thinking about the significance behind the occasion and how we would like to celebrate. Traditionally, Mothering Sunday is a day for spoiling and pampering the mother figure in your life. As consumers, everywhere we turn there’s......

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Colour Pop: Softwaves Collaboration 2020

Add a pop of colour to your everyday Spring outfits with our new collection of shoes by Softwaves.
21 April 2020
Whilst the grey skies and wet weather is still here, this needn’t mean our wardrobes must follow suit. We are here to prove how easy it is to inject colour into your outfits and simultaneously lift all spirits! This is where our Softwaves collaboration......

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International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day has got us thinking of what the day actually means and how we can celebrate our own army of amazing women.
21 April 2020
As International Women’s Day is this weekend, it’s got us thinking about what the day means to our own women, and how we can get involved. Here at DuoBoots, our team is made up of women by a vast majority. This is a fact......

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The Races: Our Style Guide

With Cheltenham Festival just around the corner, now is the time to perfect your attire. See our styling tips here.
21 April 2020
With Cheltenham Festival just around the corner, now is the time to sort your winning outfit for the occasion. The difficulty in dressing for the much-anticipated event stems from the very brief and relaxed dress code, with practicality and warmth being the extent of......

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2020: Spring Trend Forecast

See our top picks of the new season spring trends. We have the perfect new ankle boots and shoes.
21 April 2020
As we settle into 2020, many of us are looking towards warmer temperatures and lighter evenings. With Spring in mind, it’s time to start thinking about our wardrobes. What a way to beat those January blues! One quick internet search and you will be......

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Muted Tones: A Style Guide

DuoBoots’ SS20 collection includes ample ankle boots in muted tones. We’ve put together a style guide to inspire and advise you.
21 April 2020
Looking ahead to Spring, we are hoping that the new season will bring blue skies and light evenings. This has all of us here at Duoboots wanting to update our wardrobes, which we are sure you are on board with! For the warmer months,......

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