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Meet our November #DUOWoman: Emily Johnston

Emily wears DuoBoots
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  • What is a typical day in the life of Emily?


I wish I could say there was a typical day. Since I started Fashion Foie Gras, 13 years ago, no two days have ever been the same. But there is always a lot of running around and never a dull moment. In the past five years, that's included sailing through time zones. In 2019, I went on 51 trips from California to Lake Como. Obviously, things slowed down in the years following, but 2022 has definitely showcased we're all back and busy as ever. Didn't we agree somewhere in 2020 that we were going to slow down when we all came back? Ha!


  • What do you look for when it comes to purchasing new wardrobe staples?


I have a rule, before I buy absolutely anything. Obviously quality and fit is super important because we all want to buy items that last. So that's also a consideration with trends. You want to purchase something that will last and here's where my rule comes in. I cannot stand items that have one wear potential. Before I buy anything, I have to immediately have thought out three ways I can wear it instantly with items that are already in my closet. If I can't do that, it doesn't come with me. 


  • Moving from America to the UK, how did you reinterpret your style?


I have to tell you that London gets a lot of credit here. I come from a small town where style risks aren't really taken at all. Things are very prescriptive and there are rules. In London, there are zero rules. I can wear whatever I want wherever I want and I love that creative freedom and space to explore what style means to me. When I first moved here, I was in awe of the incredible confidence people had on the streets of this great city. While I've always classically thought of myself as a Ralph Lauren devotee in style, even that has formed into something completely my own after being here for 20 years.


  • Favourite fashion shopping haunts.


In London, I'm all about designer resale stores. My favourite is up in Hampstead, called Designs. I visit a couple times a season and mainly drool over vintage Chanel! I also love Pandora's in Knightsbridge. But when it comes to designer shops, it will always be Ralph Lauren on Bond Street!


  • Talk us through your style inspiration


I will always be a classics girl and have taken inspiration from 35 years of devouring fashion magazines from all over the world. But I have fully embraced bright colour dressing as an attitude adjuster. Clothes really do have the power to change you. On days when I just feel exhausted, I pull on a power punch of pink and march out the door like I own the place. It changes everything.


  • You’ve been a DuoBoots fan for many years, what keeps you returning


I have proudly been, yes. I couldn't wear boots that came above the ankle from any shop in London. I found DuoBoots and I am not exaggerating when I say that you guys changed the game for me. Being able to buy a knee high boot made me teary eyed in the shop. It was amazing and I've been shouting about you ever since. The styles are classic, the construction is so durable you'll have these boots forever and I just truly feel like I'm part of a Duoboots family. If you know, you know.


  • How will you be wearing and where will your DuoBoots take up this Autumn Winter?


Well first of all, I'll be wearing them everywhere. They will truly travel the globe with me. But, in the short term, they are going to see a lot of time in English countryside. The heels, however, will most likely be reserved for the moments I want to strut down a tube platform. The great thing about these boots is that they not only fit properly around the calves, they also are so incredible comfortable on your feet! 


  • What does being a #DUOWOMAN mean to you?


It truly feels like being part of a fashion revolution. Knowing that I can be a part of spreading a feeling that I had when I first slipped on a pair of Duoboots is simply magic. And every woman I have spoken to that has had the same problem and discovered your boots has said the same thing. You changed our lives and I couldn't be happier to be a part of that ongoing change.


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