Pioneers in Wide Calf Boots Designed in England

Finding wide calf boots that fit well in a style you love has always been a challenge for women blessed with legs even a fraction larger than the high street standard. That’s why our founders, Ted and Muffy Maltby, having identified a gap in the market, developed the range that has evolved into what we at DuoBoots now offer. They regularly found that women visiting their store in Bath back in the early 2000s were unable to zip up the standard calf size their bought-in boots came in, so they began working on designs for a collection of classic, stylish boots in a choice of calf size.

Finding these early catalogues in our archives has certainly given us a smile in the office this week! We’ve come a long way since the days of girls in baths with their boots on (?!) but some things haven’t changed: Our passion for style, quality, fit and service remains at the core of everything we do.

Choose from 11 Calf Sizes

The reality is, that with so many women taking up running and other fitness regimes, calves are getting bigger generally, and wide calf fit boots are more in demand than ever. But ‘wide fit’ isn’t just one size, or shape for that matter. That’s why we offer a variety of styles, each one with its own fit credentials: ankles – slim, standard or wider, and boot heights ranging from ankle to mid-calf, to knee-high, to over-the-knee, and variations of each. Whilst ankle boots come in a choice of standard or wide foot widths, everything from mid-calf upwards comes in a choice of up to 11 calf sizes. Calf size is the measurement around the circumference of your calf at the widest point when measured with your foot flat on the floor. See our Fit Guide if you need more help. For information on how each product fits, please refer to the fit notes on each product page for details:

Leg length is such an important factor when it comes to buying wide calf boots. For those who need wide calf boots for shorter legs for AW18 we’ll offer boots in both a mid-calf style and shorter knee-highs. This means no boots digging into the back of your knees when you sit down. Bliss! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when our new collection arrives.

For longer legged sisters, styles like Huntsman mean you can have wide fit boots that come all the way up to your knee. The asymmetric top on Huntsman is an extra flattering style feature on a longer leg, and of course we offer these in a choice of wide fit calf sizes.

At DuoBoots we design boots for every part of your life; whether you need wide calf boots with high heels to take you out for lunch or out for drinks, or wide calf boots with low heels to carry you on the daily commute or into town for a spot of retail therapy. More practical wide calf styles with chunky soles will take you on a dog walk or Sunday ramble, and we offer seasonal shades in the softest suedes to make you feel truly pampered!

Styling is a real art in boot design. We always acknowledge the latest trends in our detailing; wide calf boots with fringe, wide calf boots with buckles, wide calf boots with tassels – whatever the seasonal catwalks show us, we'll encompass in a subtle and wearable way.

We believe beautiful boots should be available to all women, all over the world, so whatever your silhouette, wherever you live, take a look at our website. We ship wide calf boots almost everywhere from Alaska to Australia (indeed some of our favourite wide calf boot bloggers are in Australia as well as the USA), and from Ireland to India. If you’d like any help at all before you buy, please call one of our wonderful styling and fitting experts on the phone. They have tried on virtually everything and can tell you how they fit and feel, and they know just what questions to ask to help you find the right style and fit for you, especially if you are less confident buying footwear online.

If you live in the UK or are visiting, be sure to call into see our lovely team at 33 Milsom Street, Bath. You will always receive a friendly reception and first class service. We love what we do, and we love to help whatever style, size or shape boots you need, and always go the extra mile.