Sherwood calf sizesIf bras, swimwear or rings only came in one size, most of us would be in trouble when it came to shopping for these items. Yet boots on the high street rarely come in a choice of calf size. Sure, some brands offer a wider or narrower calf in the odd style, but the chances are that wasn’t the design you wanted. That’s why DuoBoots are different.

Boots to fit your calf

At DuoBoots every single style of knee high and over the knee boots comes in a choice of calf size. Why wouldn’t they? Every woman’s legs are different, and yet most budgets don’t stretch to bespoke boots.

We make boots for narrow, standard and wider calves in every design we make.

Finding out which calf size to order couldn’t be easier. You will need:

  • Legs!
  • A chair
  • A tape measure (click here if you’d like us to send you a free one)

How to find your calf size

  • Sit down with your knees bent at 90 degrees
  • Wrap the tape measure round the widest part of your calf (measure both calves and use the wider of the two sizes if there is a difference)
  • Order your chosen boots in your foot and calf size at If you have any questions, please call our fitting experts here.
  • Our lightning speed delivery will mean you will be trying them on in a heartbeat. Enjoy!