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DuoBoots is THE place to go for slim or narrow calf boots...and here’s why

Slim Calf Boots

Choose from 8 Calf Sizes

If you have slim legs, you may have felt that knee-high boots are not for you. Sagging ankles and flapping boot tops means you’ve been left feeling less than comfortable and certainly not glamorous. Here at DuoBoots, we want you to look and feel great in our boots, which is why all our narrow calf boots start at just 30cm. That is a whole 6cm smaller in circumference than the high street standard, which makes all the difference when you are looking for a really good fit.

three women wearing black leather flat boots in various calf sizes

When we design a style of boot, we do a lot of fit testing. Some styles are designed with a narrow ankle which means they fit the leg snugly, others have a straight leg which means the ankle is wider, and relaxed styles are looser again. Finding styles which fit narrow calves best will depend to a degree on how you like your boots to feel. We often find that slim calf boot customers find trying on a pair of boots that fit the leg snugly for the first time feels a little strange, but it only takes a few minutes to adapt, and once they realise this is how boots are supposed to fit and they look in the mirror they are delighted! It’s just that boots they have tried or worn before haven’t fitted, so the sensation of a boot fitting from the knee to the ankle is unfamiliar.

A choice of calf size in slim calf fit boots is very difficult find, yet no one would expect rings or bras to come in just one fit! That’s why we offer calf fittings in 3cm increments. Calf size is the measurement around the circumference of your calf at the widest point when measured with your foot flat on the floor. See our Fit Guide if you need more help.

The shape of each individual’s legs vary too, so we offer a variety of styles, each one with its own fit credentials depending on which of our lasts it is crafted on: ankles can be slim, standard or relaxed, and boot heights vary from mid-calf to over-the-knee, with our knee-high boots varying to suit longer or shorter legs. For information on how each product fits, please refer to the fit notes on each product page for details.

Our ankle boots have fitted foot widths, and come in a variety of toe shapes, so if you require a standard or slim foot the pointed or almond shaped toes on our standard fit may work best for you.

At DuoBoots we design boots for you to wear in all the different stages of your busy life; whether you need slim calf boots with high heels to take you out for dinner with friends, or slim calf boots with low heels to take you to work or whilst you are travelling. Practical slim calf styles with chunky soles will take you on a ramble with the kids or a stroll in the park, and we offer seasonal shades in the softest suedes to give you a luxurious feeling!

Styling is something we take extremely seriously. Our detailing reflects the latest trends without being over the top or unwearable for most women. Whatever the seasonal catwalks show us, we try to encompass in a subtle and accessible way.

We believe beautiful boots should be available to all women, all over the world, so whatever your silhouette, wherever you live, take a look at our website. We ship slim calf boots almost everywhere from Norway to New Zealand, Monaco to Malaysia. If you’d like any help at all before you buy, please contact one of our wonderful styling and fitting experts via email or chat box. Our team have tried on virtually everything and can tell you how they fit and feel, and they know just what questions to ask to help you find the right style and fit for you, especially if you are less confident buying footwear online.

We love what we do, and we love to help whatever style, size or shape boots you need.

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