For many, buying a pair of high quality leather boots is an investment, so naturally, you want your boots to look good and last as long as possible before heading to the cobbler or buying a brand new pair. This is especially true if you own a pair of our calf fitting boots that fit you like no other boot!

So what’s the answer to ensuring your boots last as long as possible? Aftercare! Yes… we know... the thought of polish and cream isn’t half as exciting as the thought of a gorgeous new pair of boots – but it’s still important to ensure you are able to wear each pair as long as possible.

Why is aftercare so important?

Quite simply – the right aftercare will:

  • Keep the colour of your boots fresher for longer
  • Keep the leather as supple and soft as possible
  • Avoid wear and tear
  • Avoid water damage
  • Help prevent staining

Here are our top 5 tips, in no particular order, for the ultimate in leather boot aftercare…

Nourish them

Leather, as an organic material, is especially prone to damage from the elements. Take a look at your boots – is there a change of colour? Does the leather feel a little dry or rough? If so, leather cream is your friend! Simply pop a pea size drop of the cream onto a rag or cloth and buff it into your boots. They’ll love you for it. Our leather cream is available in black or clear options.

Help them shine

If the colour starts to dull, or you want to give your boots a quick spruce up for an outing or event, then use leather polish regularly to keep them looking their best. It will help to protect them from water damage and scuffing – so it’s well worth doing! We offer leather polish in black or clear options.

Keep them protected

If you’ve bought boots made with softer leather, such as suede or nubuck, it’s important to protect them from moisture. Protector spray is a must, as it helps to repel water, mud and snow to prevent staining. For best results, give your boots a spray before your first wear, and at regular intervals afterwards.

TIP: Use a suede brush to remove marks on suede or nubuck boots.

However careful we are, accidents do happen, but don’t worry! If your boots have water damage , follow these easy steps to make them look beautiful again:

  • Stuff your boots with newspaper and leave them to dry at room temperature for 24 hours. Be sure not to leave them in direct heat or a hot environment as this will cause heat damage.
  • Once the boots have dried off, spray your boots again to protect the leather.

If your boots are made from animal hair leather, patent or polido leathers, take a look at our FAQs for more specific information.

Store them safely

When it comes to the warmer months, you’ll probably want to store your calf fitting boots and ankle boots away until next autumn. For knee high boots, it’s essential to store them using boot trees to prevent them leaning to one side and creasing at the ankle. It’s not a great look and you’ll end up with sad, tired looking boots.

Ideally, if you’ve kept the box, store the boots in them to protect them from sun damage and to prevent them getting dusty. Simply stack one on top of the other to save space.

Give them a rest

Finally – whilst it may be tempting to wear your boots everyday, this will lead to quick wear and tear. So frequently rest your boots for a day or so.