To make your boots truly last, you have to maintain them, which includes storing them properly. 

We know many of you are not currently wearing your boots, as you are enjoying the summer weather. So with this in mind, we wanted to share some advice on storing them properly, to ensure when you pull them on again in the coming months, they will be looking their best. 

To make it easy, we've outlined what to do in simple points below. An easy process which is not time-consuming, but is incredibly rewarding.

Storing your boots properly: 

Before putting them away for a while, be sure to clean them. Use our linked guide for what to use and the method to follow depending on the material of your boots, but the main point is to be gentle.

Nourish them. Trust us, this is the step you will be most rewarded by. Suede and leather require different products, but it's the same premise. 

Pop a boot tree in. Or stuff them. Either way, fill them out to help them maintain their shape. This, in addition to nourishing them, will renew them greatly. 

Put them in their original box, or any box you have. This way you can be sure nothing will crush them, be spilled on them, or damage them in any form. 

In a few months, you will be excited to pull your boots out and start wearing them again, so you don't want to be disappointed by their condition. Following the above steps will help you to avoid that sinking feeling and help you really get value from your boots. 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team