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The real women behind DuoBoots – Tamsin Bowman

The real women behind DuoBoots – Tamsin Bowman

This week we introduce our third ‘real woman’ of the series - Tamsin – a mother and hairdresser living in delightful Devon.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback to our first two real women articles with Chloë and Jay; now we’d like you to meet Tamsin! Tamsin is both a mother and talented hair stylist at Boho Hairdressing in Devon. Tamsin is beautifully modelling one of our customer favourites - Raven in soft black suede, in EU 40 (UK 7) with a calf size of 42cm.

Hello Tamsin - first of all, can you tell us about your passions in life and why you love them?

It would have to be my 17 year-old son - he’s truly amazing, he is very quick witted but also extremely caring and sensitive towards me. I value any quality time that we can spend together; we love to go out cycling then come back and watch movies. Also in my free time I have a real passion for yoga, in particular Strala yoga which is yoga mixed with T'ai Chi. But I am also very passionate about my work – I love constantly meeting new people and helping them feel their best when they walk out of the salon.

Where is your favourite place in Britain and why?

My favourite place is right on my doorstep here in Torquay - a little place called Babbacombe Beacon – it’s absolutely beautiful and the perfect place for a dog walk in the sea air.

That sounds lovely! Thinking further afield, what’s your favourite place in the world?

Home, for me it is my safe place full of warmth and lots of love – especially from my two dogs.

What do you like about the style of boots you’ve chosen - Raven?

My style is very classic so I’m always looking for boots that complement that. The Raven boots I’m wearing today are idyllic! They are so versatile – I can just wear them with anything and they look fabulous!

We couldn’t agree more Tamsin! What is your favourite item of clothing and how does it make you feel?

I believe that comfort is key – so I’d say my gym clothes make me feel flexible and free.

If you could design your own boot, what would your ideal features of the boot be?

Similar to the Raven I am wearing. I would choose a flat heeled, over-the-knee, comfortable, stylish boot with lots of elasticity to ensure a great fit for all legs.

What or who would you say inspires you daily and why?

I meet so many people through hairdressing and love to get to know my clients on a personal level. What really stands out for me is when people manage to strike a balance between all the different people and responsibilities in their lives – much easier said than done. I definitely feel that with age I am mastering the art of achieving balance in my life.

What is your guilty pleasure?


What about your favourite takeaway?

Just like Jay in your last blog I’d have to say Thai food is my favourite. I love the spiciness.

You can only take 3 things with you when you are sent to live on another planet. What are they? (no people)

Well that’s not an easy question. If I really could just pick three, it would be my mascara (because I just couldn’t live without it). A good book to keep me entertained, my top picks would be ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ – worth a read, ‘The Girlfriend’ and then just Autobiographies I find them very interesting. But most importantly I would take my dogs because they are my family.

And finally, just so we know what makes you tick...here’s a quick fire round!
Heels or Flats? Flats
Night out or night in? Night in
Early Bird or Night Owl Early bird
Chips or Mash? Chips
Facebook or Instagram? Instagram
Sun or Snow Sun
Cat or Dog Dog
Horror or Comedy Comedy
Lift or Stairs Stairs
Boat or Plane? Plane