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Made by hand boots

Since 1974 DuoBoots has been making boots that actually fit.  Founded in Bath, England, we have used the same family-run workshops in Portugal to make our famous calf-fitting boots ever since.

Each pair of boots is made using the finest Italian leathers in the small workshop outside Porto.  Owned and run by the same family for the past 65 years, the team has over 1,000 years of combined experience in making leather and suede boots. 

Making boots isn't an easy process. Throw wide calves and narrow calves into the mix too, and a simple style becomes seventy-two variations of each design.  However nothing is too much for our team of dedicated artisans. Each unique size has its own technicalities, with the distribution of fabric to shaft width, relative to heel height and width (from chunky heel to stiletto). It's an art and a science born on a passion for beautiful boots. 

The design process takes the greatest amount of time. Exact measurements down to the millimetre are recreated until the perfect fit has been achieved. Paper models are made to ensure the boots look as they should.

paper models


The leather or suede panels are cut to size - using a laser measuring and cutting machine to ensure every inch of the material is used. 

Laser cutting suede


The individual panels and the inner lining are hand-sewn together before zips and buckles are added.  They are then placed into the "shaper" which moulds the toe shape.  The heel and sole are nailed together and then pinned to the bottom of the boot. 

boot making

The insoles are added then a final shaping takes place before they are brushed or polished to perfection.  The boots are then wrapped in tissue paper before being boxed up and sent to their new homes. 

The methods used to make our knee-high boots and ankle boots haven't changed since 1974.

Watch our inside the factory video to see our artisans at work. 

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