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Meet our #DUOWoman: Pascale Banks

Pascale wears knee high leather boots
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Duo Woman - Pascale Banks

Welcome to the DuoWoman series: A monthly profile of the women we love.

This month we meet Pascale Banks. A beloved UK fashion influencer based in Kent with her partner, twin boys and a Dachshund called Ziggy. She gave us an insight into her world and a view for the season ahead.
Duo Woman - Pascale Banks

Talk us through a typical day in the life of Pascale.

My morning starts at 6.30 when I wake up to sort breakfast for my kids and make sure they catch their school bus on time. Then it's a cup of tea and a scan through my emails and a scroll of Instagram replying to any messages I’ve missed. I always try and move my body and fit some form of exercise in, Pilates, a dog walk or a Peloton class, depending on how much time I have. 

I spend most of the day chatting back and forth to my management team who schedule my upcoming projects and campaigns. If I’m heading into London for meetings or events I try and pack a small case with anything I may need and book an hour with a photographer so I’m up to date and can meet all my deadlines. No two days are the same in this industry, sometimes I’m rushing around town from one meeting or press event to the other, the next I’m home shooting/catching up on admin and another I may be away on a trip with a brand. 

If i'm not out for a dinner I will always cook while the kids do their homework, and we try to all eat together if my hubby makes it back in time. 

Duo Woman - Pascale Banks

Pascale wears Saffron in Black Suede


What are your go-to outfits that make you feel confident? Talk to us about the transformative power of fashion.

My go to outfits change depending on my mood. I love the transformative and expressive power that fashion has. I am always in a better mood when I feel confident and happy with my outfit!

If people were to describe me I’m sure they would always say a floaty dress is my go-to style but I feel just as happy in the perfect pair of jeans, white tee, a blazer and a pair of beautiful knee high leather boots. I feel with that look you can take on anything! 


What are your ‘go to’ wardrobe staples?

My key wardrobe staples are: a neutral blazer, a classic trench coat, a well cut pair of jeans, tailored black trousers, a belt, a take you anywhere dress, a crisp white tee, a pair of knee high boots and a pair of white trainers.


Gwen Tan Ankle boots

@pascale.banks wears Gwen in Tan Suede


How will you be wearing and where will your DuoBoots take you this Autumn Winter? 

I will be wearing my black Freya boots as I did for the whole of last winter! They go with all my dresses and although they have a heel I find them super comfortable for long days in London. 


What does being a #DUOWOMAN mean to you?

Being a #duowoman to me is about inclusivity no matter what our shape or size. We all should be able to be confident and powerful in our style.


Duo Woman - Pascale 

@pascale.banks wears Gwen in Tan Suede


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