The great thing about boots is that they protect your feet and legs throughout the colder months, keeping you nice and warm whilst you’re out and about.

But whilst they’re taking care of you, sometimes we forget that the harsh weather can take its toll on your boots. If you’re looking to wear your boots from season to season, and keep them in tip-top condition, it’s well worth your time (and money) looking after them.

We have a fantastic range of product care items we highly recommend using on your boots, including WOLY leather cream. Just take a look at the difference it makes!

Toni, one of the Marketing Team, decided her Balla ankle boots really needed some TLC.

Here are the before pictures:

If you’re not sure how to tell if your leather boots need some TLC, take a close look and feel the leather. If the colour has faded and the leather is feeling dry, then it’s definitely time for some leather cream!

How to use leather cream on your boots

You’ll need a cloth (preferably something you won’t use for any other activity). Dip the cloth lightly into the cream, then gently work the cream into the leather on your boots.

You should start to see the colour of our boots come back to life and the texture become smoother.

Be sure you cover all areas of your boots, including the tongue if you have lace up boots like Balla or Marvel.

As you can see with the pictures below, it doesn’t take much to transform them!

Once done, your boots will look as good as new, and they’ll love you for it.

You can buy WOLY Leather Cream from us online or in–store. Our full range of product care can be found here.