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Leap Year: Do we? Don’t we?

Leap Year: Do we? Don’t we?

Do you know about the romantic history of the Leap Year? We’ve been digging into the history to find out.

It’s a Leap Year! On the surface, this is simply an extra day in February and time for those unlucky few to have their first birthday in 4 years. However, when you delve in, there are romantic traditions attached and interesting facts you are sure to be surprised by.

The 29th February is said to be the only day a female should propose to a male, a tradition that is thought to have originated in Ireland.

Boys or Boots?

Interestingly, history tells us that in some countries, if a man were to refuse a proposal during the Leap Year, the woman would have been compensated with 12 pairs of gloves to cover her bare hand, or even a silk dress as way of an apology! Personally, we’d like 12 pairs of boots!

Dressed to Impress

According to tradition, if a woman were going to pop the question, she was to wear breeches or a scarlet petticoat as a heads-up to the man. Nowadays, some couples are choosing their engagement rings together and discussing marriage before ‘the big question’ is asked. Perhaps a modern-day version of giving a heads-up?

Girl Power

Once seen as a sign of empowerment to take control of your engagement, as we evolve and times change, Leap Year or no Leap Year – we’re questioning whether it really matters when or who proposes.

For instance, if you were thinking of proposing to your partner, would you do it on any day of your choosing, no matter the year? Or would you opt for a traditional engagement?

The Facts

It takes the Earth around 365 days and 6 hours to orbit the sun. So, without this extra day every 4 years, we would end up losing almost 6 hours every year. How are you planning on spending the extra day this year?

A Call For Celebration

If inspiration is what you need, then look no further, we have listed some fun ideas below:

  • Celebrate over dinner with friends
  • Take a trip to somewhere new
  • Buy something to mark the occasion
  • Write a letter to yourself, to be opened the next leap year
  • Finally, watch Leap Year, a romantic comedy which is sure to have you enjoying the occasion

What are your views on this topic? Had you ever heard of the tradition, or perhaps even proposed to your partner on the day yourself? Do you have any plans to celebrate the occasion? We would love for you to let us know your thoughts, head over to our social channels to get involved!