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It’s all about the FIT

DuoBoots Wide Calf Boots

Since 1974, we have been perfecting our fit offering to make sure that we are bringing you the best fitting boots. Our sizing system aims to give our community complete confidence in a consistent fit between styles, especially when shopping online. Whether it’s a riding boot or western ankle boot, consistency between styles and materials is imperative. 

Our complete collection of calf-fit boots are now available in seven sizes, offering 3cm increments between sizes from 30-50cm. This offers you a more precise fit tailored to your individual calf. 

But that’s not all our sizing system considers, we have a last system that is not only technically superior but also offers more complementary shape while enhancing comfort, a hard balance to achieve, but we have done it. 

We have created a separate set of lasts (a mold that's used to shape a boot when it's being constructed) for our wide fit boots to address the true needs of our customers. It is common practice in the footwear industry to use the standard last, add more volume across the joint and call it a wide fit. However, we don’t think that this is acceptable so we have changed the foot bed width to create a true wide last. Our ankle boots are available in standard and wide widths, while our calf-fit boots are lasted on a slim to standard width for calf sizes 30-41cm and a wide width for 44-50cm. The wide width doesn’t just consider the foot, but also allows for additional room around the ankle.  

three women wearing black leather flat boots

And there’s even more, we have developed a clever deployment of stretch panels across multiple styles for a form-fitting finish that not only makes your boots look better but more comfortable when you are moving around. Let’s be honest, we want to be able to move in our boots!


The DuoBelt™ 

Our specialist fit team has created a unique sizing tool called the DuoBelt™. Each notch of the belt mimics one of our seven calf measurements. Simply choose the notch that is most comfortable for you and find the perfect fit. 

It’s very simple to use, follow our step by step guide

  • Sit on a chair and place both feet firmly on the ground
  • Place the DuoBelt around the widest part of your calf
  • Select the notch that feels most comfortable
  • Ensure you can slide the DuoBelt up and down your calf
  • Repeat the process on both legsMake a note of your size for each calf. If they are two different sizes (happens to the best of us...most of us are one leg dominant) or in between sizes, please round up to the next size. 
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