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DuoBoots is open for business, let us explain a little more

DuoBoots is open for business, let us explain a little more

DuoBoots is open for business, let us explain a little more.   

Yes, you read that correctly, DuoBoots is open for business! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking. What? How? Why? We get it, it’s confusing from the outside for sure. With this in mind, we wanted to explain the story and to be as clear and honest as possible, because of course we want you, our devoted customer, to understand. 

So here goes… 

Back in March 2020, the closure of DuoBoots was announced across the social channels and on the website. The company had been in administration for a short period of time, and unfortunately given the current global pandemic, were unable to find a buyer to prevent the closure.    

When any company closes, many sad goodbyes must be made. These goodbyes included the small team, office, and warehouse in Frome, the store in Bath, and what most concerns you, the customer, the boots.   

The closing-down sale saw unprecedented demand (a bitter-sweet feeling of how much you all love DuoBoots). It is fair to say staff didn’t expect and could not keep up with this demand, and of course, Covid-19 added further pressures, hence why many orders were cancelled and refunded at the time. 

With the increased stress of Covid-19, all and any good news was welcomed with open arms, and for DuoBoots, this came in the form of a buyer.  

We’re sure you can imagine, purchasing a business and securing staff is no mean feat when the country is on lockdown and non-essential travel is a big no-no, but somehow, against all odds, the task has been managed.  

 So, with that in mind (no success comes without struggle, don’t you agree?) DuoBoots is up running again!  

 Here are some simplified key points we would love you to know:  

  • DuoBoots is now a small, privately owned business, managed by a UK team
  • Many of you didn’t know how small team DB was before if closed, but we must now point out we are even smaller, you can in fact count us all on one hand.    
  • We are here to sell a collection of boots that will fit beautifully thanks to our unique 7 options of calf size.   
  • It is our core belief that every woman deserves boots that both fit beautifully and look fabulous.    
  • We are very much still a British brand, designed here in the UK and crafted in Portugal using the best European leathers and suedes. We have close relationships with the small number of family-run factories we work with.   
  • The original DuoBoots values remain.   
Classic designs  
Our designer is already working hard to bring new products and limited-edition styles to you in time for autumn.   
Unrivalled choice of sizes  
We offer the widest range of calf sizes available anywhere.  
Using the finest materials and crafting our products in European factories.  


This doesn’t mean you can’t expect exciting new developments from us as a new company, however, as we all need to adapt and grow.  

Lastly, but most importantly to us, we are so thrilled to be open. The reaction to the closing-down news was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching, as so many of you expressed your love for the brand and told your personal story of how you found DuoBoots and why you love us so much. So, with that in mind, we hope to have answered any questions you may have had.  

Please bear with us as we get to grips with the new DuoBoots and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if there’s anything else you’d like to ask or say.  Whilst we are a small team, we are definitely one which likes a good honest chat.  

Take care,