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Meet our #DUOWoman: Abbi White

Written by Katy Smith
Meet our #DUOWoman: Abbi White
Meet our #DUOWoman: Abbi White
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This month we meet Abbi White. A mid-size style influencer hailing from Liverpool.

Known for her chic, polished style for her mid-size frame, Abbi encourages her audience to embrace their unique shape and dress with pieces that celebrate their individuality. We spent the day with her in Liverpool where she gave us insight into her world and a view for the season ahead. 

What are your favourite travel destinations and have you got any exciting plans for the rest of the season?
I love a mix of city breaks and beach holidays! There’s nothing better than exploring a new city, eating and drinking your way round, but I equally love doing absolutely nothing on a beach in the sunshine too! I don’t tend to travel as much in the summer months though, I don’t have kids so take the luxury of being able to go away in school terms instead. September is my favourite time to go, so we’re off to Oludeniz in Turkey (one of my favourite places) and hoping to catch some winter sun towards the end of the year but nothing booked yet. I’ve got a couple of trips in England planned to celebrate various things with friends for the rest of the summer like York, Harrogate and the Lake District, so I can’t wait for those. 
You are known for your timeless and understated outfits and completely nailed your capsule wardrobe. What are 5 transitional items that you couldn’t live without? 
Thank you! I’m so glad that comes across, I’ve never felt more confident in my style than I do now and I have making real, considered purchases to thank for that. The 5 transitional items I couldn’t live without have to be:
  • A blazer. So predictable for me but I can’t not mention a blazer! Rain or shine you will catch me wearing them. They go with everything and instantly elevate an outfit.
  • A good pair of tailored / wide leg trousers. So good with boots, sandals, trainers or heels. Perfect for different occasions too because they can be dressed up or down!
  • A white t-shirt. Perfect for with trousers, skirts, under blazers and good for layering in winter too. A crisp white t-shirt makes an outfit look really polished whilst being super comfortable, such a good basic to have.
  • Flat shoes! This is cheating a bit because it’s a catch all phrase but I’m going with it. I live in flat boots in Autumn / Winter, knee length boots in particular can be so chic when styled with classics items. White trainers, ballet flats and sandals too. You don’t need to be in heels to look smart, flat shoes are way more practical day to day.
  • Black accessories. I’m cheating again, but a plain black leather bag and a black belt are essentials for me. They’re versatile so go with so much but can elevate a simple outfit so easily.


You are part of the mid-size fashion movement on Instagram. What is your go-to outfit for ultimate confidence?
It has to be a pair of tailored trousers, a t-shirt, blazer, belt and flats (boots/trainers/sandals). Quite literally the 5 items I just said I couldn’t live without! It may sound boring to some, but you can add interest with tones, accessories or even the cut of the blazer or trousers. It’s the type of outfit I feel most ‘me’ in, in a style I love. That’s what it’s about, wearing clothes that make you feel good and align with your personal style. When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it positively impacts your confidence and how you carry yourself. It ultimately affects how much you enjoy yourself too, there’s nothing worse than being out and feeling uncomfortable. I don’t know about you, but it effects my mood, and I can’t stop fidgeting with my clothes if I don’t feel comfortable! Fit comes into this too, well-fitting clothes can instantly make you feel more put together. Thankfully, I stopped caring about what size I am in clothes a few years ago and it’s so liberating. I’d rather wear a bigger size that fits me well, looks better and makes me feel better, than squeezing into a smaller size and being uncomfortable.


As a Petite woman, you’ve expressed that it can sometimes be hard to find certain clothes that fit properly. We have expanded the calf lengths in a number of our boot profiles to include even more Regular, Tall and Petite options. Do you think brands could be doing more to cater to different body shapes and sizes?
The fashion industry has traditionally focussed on a narrow definition of body shapes and sizes, but thankfully in recent years the demand for more inclusive fashion is being heard. There’s definitely a way to go though, extending sizing beyond a UK 16 and introducing petite and tall ranges is the best place to start. Even making sizing more universal too, I mentioned earlier that I thankfully stopped caring what size I am a few years ago, as long as something fits I don’t care. It still annoys me though because it makes shopping so much harder, I can order trousers in the same size from two different shops and one fit perfect and the other I can’t get past my knees. I’ve sized up a couple in the past to a UK 20 which was the last size the shop stocked, where does that leave somebody who is a UK 20? There’s no room for them to size up! It frustrates me so much, but I have my go to brands like Duo Boots who are leading the way in making fashion more inclusive for everyone.



What is your favourite pair of Petite boots from the collection?
It has to be the Dalia black boots. They’re the perfect pair of black boots that everybody needs in their wardrobe, so even better that I was able to choose petite and the right calf width for me! They look so nice with skinny trousers or jeans with an oversized blazer in the winter, or even with a satin midi skirt. Obsessed!


What does being a #DuoWoman mean to you?
Being a DuoWoman means being part of an opportunity to contribute to positive change within the industry, no more being uncomfortable in things that don’t fit properly, no more being left out on gorgeous items we’d love to wear because our size isn’t made! It means embracing being ourselves whilst still being able to express who we are through our style – because I can finally be the proud owner of knee-high boots that I love, and they fit! Thank you, Duo!

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