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The Art of Boot Making: An Inside Look

Written by Amy Grief
The Art of Boot Making: An Inside Look
The Art of Boot Making: An Inside Look
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Since our humble beginnings in 1974, we have used the same family run factories to produce our quality wide calf boots. Our boots embody the care and love that we put into them expertly handcrafting them to fit you. Our journey has been one of continuous refinement, blending tradition with innovation to ensure that each pair of boots not only stands the test of time but also evolves with the ever-changing needs of our discerning customers. 

We understand how complex fit is - especially when it comes down to wide and narrow calves so our small team in London, work around the clock making our boots fit perfectly.  Exact measurements down to the millimeter are recreated until the perfect fit has been achieved. Read how our size inclusive boots are made below. 

  1. Paper models are made to ensure the boots look as they should. 

  2. The leather or suede panels are cut to size - using a laser measuring and cutting machine to ensure every inch of the material is used.

  3. The individual panels and the inner lining are hand-sewn together before zips and buckles are added.  They are then placed into the shaper which molds the toe shape.  The heel and sole are nailed together and then pinned to the bottom of the boot.

  4. The insoles are added then a final shaping takes place before they are brushed or polished to perfection.

  5. The boots are then wrapped in tissue paper before being boxed up and sent to their new homes ready to be loved and cherished

Our boots are made in Portugal and we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our handmade boots. You can follow that link to see in more detail how we work behind the scenes.

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