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Meet our #DUOWoman: Vanessa Kanbi

Written by Katy Smith
Meet our #DUOWoman: Vanessa Kanbi
Meet our #DUOWoman: Vanessa Kanbi
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Welcome to the DuoWoman series: A monthly profile of the women we love. This month we meet Vanessa Kanbi. A Ghanaian / Scottish podcaster, presenter and filmmaker residing in Edinburgh as she documents life as a mother and world traveller. She gave us an insight into her world and a view for the season ahead.

Vanessa Kanbi

 You’re an incredibly busy woman! A podcaster, presenter, filmmaker to name a few. You’ve amassed over 20 million views on YouTube through your exploration of Ghana. What was your inspiration behind the channel and why is it so important to you to show this side of your culture?

I embarked on my YouTube journey when my daughter a baby, seeking a creative outlet I could pursue from home while looking after her. Fast forward six years, and my YouTube channel has been my full-time career for many years. 
My inspiration to highlight Ghana stemmed from my Ghanaian heritage through my dad and from my observations after returning home to Scotland from visits to Ghana. Each time I shared my overwhelmingly positive experiences, I noticed how my friends were amazed. Sub-Saharan Africa, including Ghana, has often been unfairly portrayed in a negative light by mainstream media for years. I strongly believe it's crucial for people worldwide to witness the true beauty of Ghana and realise that there is an incredibly vibrant and positive side to Ghana that deserves recognition.
On my channel, I take viewers on a journey to explore the natural beauty of Ghana, showcasing its luxurious hotels, houses and interviewing people who have relocated there. As my channel evolves, I am excited to transition into the realm of world family travel, while keeping Ghana as a prominent feature.
What is your favourite memory that you’ve made whilst filming for your YouTube channel?

I was honoured to be part of the YouTube Black Creator class; this allowed me to move our family to Ghana from Scotland for a year and a half. Immersing ourselves in Ghana's rich culture was an incredible experience, allowing us to explore new places within the country and visit neighbouring West African nations like Togo and Ivory Coast. Along the way, I formed lasting friendships and heard inspiring life stories. Also, being featured in British Vogue was a pretty cool highlight!

 Vanessa Kanbi

Vanessa Kambi wearing our Easton Knee High Boots in Black Suede

Would you say your Ghanian heritage has influenced your style today?

Yes! I’m passionate about supporting black-owned businesses and, whenever possible, I wear Ghanaian brands. Today, I'm proudly wearing my Ko Fie green and black robe and a Daily Paper dress which has the colours of the Ghanaian flag.
On my YouTube channel, I've also shed light on the detrimental environmental effects of consumerism and the disposal of second-hand clothing in Ghana from the Global North. To reduce my ecological footprint, I try and make conscious efforts to purchase second-hand items and extend the lifespan of my clothing.
Your Magnificent Mother’s podcast spotlights a different Mother with an inspirational story to tell on each episode and rightfully has garnered a large following. As a Mother of 3, what advice would you give to new Mums? Particularly to those who perhaps aren’t feeling confident in their new bodies.

As a mother, it's crucial to appreciate and be grateful for the incredible journey our bodies undertake. Growing and breastfeeding three children has been an inspiring experience, and I'm thankful for my body's role in this journey. Every pregnancy has uniquely shaped my body. It's essential for us mothers to extend ourselves grace and allow our bodies the time they need to heal and regain strength. Even if our bodies never return to their pre-pregnancy state, that's perfectly okay. Having been a fashion model, my body has undergone significant changes, and I've learned to embrace it in every season of life. Gratitude for our bodies, no matter their appearance, is a powerful perspective I’ve learnt to embrace.

Vanessa Kanbi
Autumn is officially upon us. How will you be styling your DuoBoots for the new season?
I call the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland my home, but as you may know, it tends to be quite chilly here most of the time. Staying warm is my top priority, so I'll be embracing the art of layering with snug jumpers and toasty jackets. These cozy layers will be perfectly paired with my trusty boots, whether I'm wearing long dresses, skirts, comfy leggings, or classic jeans. Keeping cozy is my mantra for the chilly Scottish weather!
What does being a #DuoWoman mean to you?
Prioritising conscious shopping and investing in durable footwear aligns with my commitment to minimising global waste. Duo Boots are known for their high-quality, long-lasting boots for women, and this embodies this philosophy, and I'm proud to be a part of the DuoWoman community. Being a DuoWoman symbolises inclusivity, as the boots offer a wide range of shoe sizes, calf sizes, and heights. As a tall woman with larger feet, this inclusivity is particularly meaningful, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit and style. It's a brand ethos that I wholeheartedly embrace and support.

Vanessa Kanbi

Vanessa Kambi wearing our Haltham Standard Knee High Boots in Brown Leather

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