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How to find the perfect calf size when buying boots

Written by Amy Bentley
How to find the perfect calf size when buying boots
How to find the perfect calf size when buying boots
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If bras, swimwear, or rings only came in one size, most of us would be in trouble when shopping for these items. Yet boots on the high street rarely come in a choice of calf size. Sure, some brands offer a wider or narrower calf in the odd style, but the chances are that wasn’t the design you wanted. That’s why DuoBoots are different. We are proud to offer every single style of knee high and over the knee boot in a choice of eight different calf sizes.

Introduction to Calf Measurement

Our customers often tell us what a relief it is that they found DuoBoots. Comments are often along the lines of: ‘I just can’t fit into ordinary high street calf sizes’, ‘High street boots look like wellies on me!’ or ‘I’m only a centimetre or two larger than the standard high street size, but this means I just can’t do the zips up in other brands.’

To give you an idea, 30cm is the smallest calf circumference size we offer. Our boots then increase in calf size in 2-3cm increments, up to and including the High Street average which sits at around 38cm, and extending to cater for wider calves up to 50cm.

For those of us with larger calves, finding the right fit in leather or suede boots is really important, but being able to do them up is only part of the story. We believe they need to look fabulous, fit well and make you feel great every time you put them on. You shouldn’t have to compromise because you don’t happen to be high street ‘standard’. We want you to celebrate your individuality and never feel embarrassed or unusual if you need a larger or smaller calf size.

How to Measure your Calf?

When it comes to measuring your calf for boots, our clever fit team has created a unique sizing tool called the DuoBelt™. Each notch of the belt mimics one of our eight calf measurements and it couldn’t be easier to use.

- Simply sit on a chair and place both feet firmly on the ground, place the DuoBelt around the widest part of your calf and then select the notch that feels most comfortable.

- Ensure you can slide the DuoBelt up and down your calf before repeating the process on the second leg.

- Make a note of your size for each calf. If they are two different sizes – don’t worry, it happens to the best of us – or in between two sizes, please round up to the next size.

If you prefer, you can use a flexible tape measure to carry out this process, matching the cm measurement to the closest one in our size chart.

Finding the Perfect Calf Fit

Once you know your calf size, we suggest familiarising yourself with our Fit Finder. The clue is in the name here, as this tool helps you do exactly that: find a pair of boots that fit perfectly. Comprised of a series of questions around measurements and styling preferences, this step-by-step tool allows us to suggest the best boots for you, for a truly personalised experience.

Once we know your true fit, we can then accompany you every step of the way, reminding you of your size and recommending the styles that will work best as you browse. This means you can get it right first time and achieve that unique and beautiful DuoBoots look.

From trending cowboy-inspired styles such as Dalia to practical yet stylish flats like Oakford, all of our knee-high boots come in eight different calf sizes, so there’s no reason you can’t achieve your desired look – whatever your body shape. You’ll find an array of wide calf boots and slim calf boots to choose from.


Tips on Trying Boots

So, how should boots fit? When trying your boots for calf size, think about when you’re going to be wearing them. For instance, if you’re planning on wearing your boots for cold winter walks then you’ll want them to fit comfortably over a thick pair of socks and maybe even a pair of close-fitting jeans. Conversely, you may want to be able to get a sleek fit with just a pair of tights beneath if you’re shopping for something that’s office or evening appropriate. We think knee-high boots look best when they fit snugly around the calf, without feeling too tight.



Other Boot Fitting Factors

As well as checking the calf size, there are other factors to consider when trying your boots on at home. Without stating the obvious, your boots should feel comfortable with a little wiggle room – but not too much – to accommodate your feet as they relax and swell throughout the day.

Remember that supple materials such as leather and suede will soften slightly with wear. Something else to bear in mind is that different heel heights can affect the positioning of the foot and change how a boot fits. Just as you would do in a shoe shop, take a short stroll around indoors to see how your boots feel as you walk.

We hope that you enjoy discovering a whole new world of bespoke calf fitting boots. If you have any questions as you go along, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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