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Meet our #DUOWoman: Valerie Mackay

Written by Katy Smith
Meet our #DUOWoman: Valerie Mackay
Meet our #DUOWoman: Valerie Mackay
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Welcome to the DuoWoman series:

A monthly profile of the women we love.

This month we meet Valerie Mackay of @embracingfifty.

Hailing from Inverness, Scotland, Valerie has fostered a following by inspiring women to have the confidence to age in their own way.  She gave us an insight into her world and a view of the season ahead.

 You have amassed 780K followers on your Instagram @embracingfifty and it’s fair to say your audience is really engaged with you. When did you decide you wanted to create the account, and will there be an ‘embracing sixty?’

I joined Instagram in 2017 with the intention of just viewing. However, there was quite a gap of over 50 ladies on the grid at that time. As I’ve always been interested in style with a nod to the trends, I decided to start posting my own outfits and beauty products I was loving just for fun. That was back in the day when it was just a daily outfit picture, no stories or reels. 

I tuned sixty this year so ‘Embracing Fifty’ is maybe a bit confusing now, but age is just a number and the message is still the same. Life goes on after 50 and we don’t have to give up and fade into the background. 

Have you always been confident in your style or is it something that has come to you with age?

I have always had an interest in fashion and trends and when I was in my teens and twenties, I went for the latest thing and loved to wear outfits that stood out.  Now I prefer a relaxed style that suits my lifestyle and have learned that not every trend is for me.

Ageless style is really important to us here at DuoBoots and we’ve always tried to include a diverse range of women in our campaigns. Have you noticed more age diversity in the industry as a whole or do you think there is still a way to go?

There is definitely more age diversity of late. It is not so unusual to see more mature models on the catwalks, TV ads and magazines anymore. I think company’s like DuoBoots, that add diversity into campaigns and puts a focus in inclusive boots for all women makes a huge difference. Social media has helped enormously as it has given women in their 50s, 60s and 70s a voice.  

How do you approach your wardrobe for the winter season and how will you be styling your DuoBoots?

Winter season in Scotland is cold – so I feel having good quality pair of stylish boots and coat is the main focus of an outfit as they are what’s on show. I will be styling my DuoBoots with simple dresses the sleek black Haltham will be great for dresses. A pair of black jeans tucked into a classic boot with a polo neck jumper is a favourite for me and I see the green suede Verity perfect for an outfit like this. The brown chunky Jeane boots will update and elevate my tweeds, I also intend adding a bit more brown into my wardrobe.


What does being a #DuoWoman mean to you?

I am so excited to be a Duowoman! Apart from being delighted to be asked to do a street shoot at 60, it’s good to be part of a campaign that shows women come in all shapes and sizes. As a tall woman of 5’10”, getting beautiful well-made boots that come in a longer length that fit my calves is brilliant. Thank you so much for having me. 

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