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Demystifying Boot Sizing: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Written by Amy Grief
Demystifying Boot Sizing: Finding Your Perfect Fit
Demystifying Boot Sizing: Finding Your Perfect Fit
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We know that our boots aren’t like any old boots which also means it may be a little more complicated to get that ever so special fit the first time round. Read on to discover the secrets of getting well fitting boots the first time round.

Using Boots Size Charts 

Boot sizing can vary significantly across brands and styles which is why a brands size chart is important to finding boot size success. Different brands often have their own size standards, so it's essential to refer to a comprehensive size chart provided by the manufacturer. We at Duo have created an extensive boots sizing guide so our customers can do just that.

How to measure correctly your leg for boots

Size charts are rendered useless if not used with the correct measurements. To correctly measure length, position the tape measure from the heel to the longest toe. Foot width is often measured incorrectly as people assume you measure the widest part of your foot - which makes complete sense of course! However for an accurate width measurement you should measure from the bottom of your first toe to the little toe. With these measurements under your belt you should now be able to buy boots, according to shoe size, with confidence.


Your Calf Size

With our boots, unfortunately knowing your foot measurements isn’t enough. We, at Duo, believe that not all women are the same which is why we carry boots in 8 different calf sizes! We can see how this can be confusing to work out at first but it is all too simple. To find your correct calf measurement take a tape measure and wrap it around the largest part of your calf while flat and bare footed. We carry our boots in 8 different calf sizes to accommodate all however if you are between sizes never fear! Our boots are made with built in stretch around the calf so we would always recommend sizing down to make sure your calf is snug and comfortable.

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