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Body positivity: Celebrating Inclusivity and Flaunting Knee-High Boots With Confidence

Written by Sophia Bennett
Body positivity: Celebrating Inclusivity and Flaunting Knee-High Boots With Confidence
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In a world that has long been driven by unrealistic beauty standards, body positivity has emerged as a powerful movement. Fashion has come a long way in embracing body diversity, but one particular element seems to have been ignored - knee high boots. These stylish boots were once considered only for tall, slender women, however, in today's fashion world, knee high boots have become a wardrobe staple for people of all shapes and sizes, and we are beyond proud to be leading the way in creating boots in multiple sizes. Read on to discover how body diversity is being celebrated in the world of fashion and flaunt your chic knee high (Duo!) boots with confidence!

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Wide Range of Calf Sizes: 

Many women face challenges finding knee high boots that fit their specific calf size. Our founders couldn’t believe that no shoe brands addressed this issue, so DuoBoots was born - we are now the only brand in the world that offers a wide range of calf sizes. Our Duo woman, Penny Whittingham, says "the industry has become more diverse in terms of visibility of ‘difference’ i.e. it’s no longer just straight-sized bodies being shown”. From petite to regular to wide and extra-wide calf options, there's a perfect fit for everyone. This shift in the fashion industry not only fosters body inclusivity but also eliminates the unnecessary frustration associated with finding well-fitting knee high boots.

Duo sizing

Celebrating Individuality: 

Clothing is a lot easier than it used to be and I don’t find as many limitations to shopping for my size” - says DuoWoman, PetiteEllie. Society often dictates what is considered fashionable or beautiful, yet body diversity advocates have challenged these standards, emphasising the importance of embracing individuality. Knee high boots offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style. Regardless of your shape, height, or age, you have the power to wear knee high boots in a way that expresses who you are. Remember, confidence is the key to making any fashion choice look iconic! 

Representation in Media: 

Growing awareness about body diversity has led to greater representation in fashion media. It is common to see models of various sizes showcasing knee high boots in magazines, advertisements, and online platforms. This shift in representation is helping to redefine beauty standards and inspiring people to embrace their bodies just as they are. 

Calf size - well fitting boots

Body diversity in fashion has taken great strides, and knee high boots are no exception. The stress on size inclusivity, styling tips for all body types, embracing individuality, and increased representation in the media has transformed knee high boots into a versatile and empowering fashion statement for everyone. We have our Wide Calf Boots: A Comprehensive Guide to assist you celebrate your body in all their unique glory and strut our stuff confidently in a pair of knee high boots! Remember fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling good in what you wear. Embrace your body, find the styles that make you happy, and flaunt those knee high boots with pride!

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