In the midst of planning for our relaunch, we got together over Zoom to discuss what we wanted the brand to be moving forward.  

Of course, many ideas came to life and you will be seeing them in our product, on our website and through our social channels and emailsin both, the near and far, future.  

An overarching theme withall ofthese ideas was transparency. We all agreed we felt it was important to be more transparent, and in everything we do.  

This of course means being more transparent about where yourDuoBootsare made and the process it takes from their initial design to arriving at your home and giving you that empowering feeling when they zip up and fit beautifully.But as well as this, it’s being transparent as to who we are.  

With the closure of the store in Bath, we know you have now lost that face-to-face interaction which many of you lovedso, we are adapting the way we interact with you online.  


We want you to get to know us, as we spend so much of our time at work trying to get to know you.To get the ball rolling, we thought we would start simple. We are all passionate aboutDuoBoots, and all for different reasons. What is interesting, is that for some of us it’snot even about the boots, but the company itself andits values. We hope this will shed some light on us for you, and who knows, you may even see DuoBoots for something you didn’t before. 

We hope you enjoy this content going forward; having a little more information about who it is you're talking to and purchasing from.  


What  DuoBoots  means to me:  Jo, Head of Design 

We offer a truly unique product and service for women that are neglected by other brands. I am excited for the new venture to be more mindful, adopting and focussing on slow fashion principles and making products with Artisan Bootmakers which are timeless, versatile and definitely something to treasure. They definitely are exciting times ahead! 


What  DuoBoots  means to me:  Sara, Head of Marketing 

I am passionate about DuoBoots as a company not just selling to women, but supporting all women. The unique fit proposition of the brand is what initially drew me in and should be celebrated. You can expect exciting things from the business in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out! 


What  DuoBoots  means to me:  Chloe, Social Media and Content Coordinator  

As you can see from this blog, DuoBoots at the core, is a very small team of people. Whilst we are all very different in ourselves and our job roles, we all come together with the shared goal to make DuoBoots the best it can be. To me, DuoBoots is a supportive place to work and to shop from, thanks to the unique 11 calf sizes. This is refreshing in the retail industry and something to be celebrated.  


What  DuoBoots means to me:  Maeve,   Marketing Executive 

With the way we work, you no longer have to settle for a close fit when the high street doesn’t provide and tailor-made is too expensive. We are ahead of the curve in making fashion inclusive for everyone which is why I love DuoBoots, for the values the brand stands for! 


What  DuoBoots  means to me:  Nathan,  Head of Merchandising

DuoBoots is a small, independent business which has a great niche in, what is typically, a saturated market. To me, DuoBoots is way ahead of it's time and the new venture for the brand is sure to be exciting! 


To find out more about us and stay up to date with exciting news and developments, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us across our social channels! We are looking forward to sharing more about the world of DuoBoots.