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Styling Seasonal Trends

Styling Seasonal Trends

As the season changes and we enter another, we are typically bombarded with new style trends.  

These new season styles sold to us through magazines, television and social media, to name but a fewand are typically labelled in an authoritative yet alluring way through terms such as ‘must-have’ or ‘season staples’. 

More often than not, we are drawn in by such sale slogans, only to question our once-worn purchase a few months down the line when the season is over and we feel we bought unnecessarily, if we’re being utterly truthful! 

So, to help you as well as ourselves, we have picked out just 2 of this year’s ‘key trends’ for those about to enter the warmer months, as well as 2 for those about to enter the cooler months. All of which we think are wearable and smart additions to your wardrobe, to avoid any buyerremorse and to help us all shop smart, slow our consumption, and slow our impact on the environment. 


Warmer months 

Polka dots 

A trend carried over from spring, it appears the world truly has gone dotty for polka dots. We love this one for the freedom it gives you. Don the print through your swimwear or a headscarf if not feeling so bold. But if you’re one for making bolder choices, opt for a flowing maxi dress in the print, big or small, which is set to be a true mood-booster.  

Wear with Churston, a White Leather trainer which proves to be anything but boring thanks to its platform sole and subtle snake print detailing around the heel. 

White summer dresses 

Many of us reach for brighter colours in summer.  However, speaking from experience, we tire of such prints and colours far quicker than we do more minimal styles, meaning they tend not to be the smartest purchases 

Get the style and fit right, which of course is totally up to you and your personal taste, and a white summer dress will hold a token place in your wardrobe this summer, and for many to come. What’s so great is if you wish to add colour and print, you can do easily with accessories, without compromising on the base of your wardrobe.  

For the footwear, pair with Avalon Dusty Pink or Jeans Blue Suede. The stylish shoe-boot slip on will compliment white shades and works for both the office and the weekend. 

Cooler months

Trench coats 

The trench coat certainly isn’t a new trend. The style is one reached for by many, time and time again, a wardrobe classic if you will. For such reason, we know the style is a clever purchase. Timeless and classic, the style still appears fresh and modern with every season, especially if you opt for one with a little difference, such as some gold hardware or pleat detail, which is why we are pleased to see them as a standout trend this year, rather than a style placed on the back-burner.  

For the boot choice, we suggest pairing with Tunstall, an equally classic suede over the knee boot, sure to be a wardrobe staple alongside the trench coat 


Clean lines  

Now from the offset this trend isn’t so clear. Clean lines? What does that mean, we hear you saying... Let us explain.  

Clean lines is simply another term for minimalism. Think 90s fashion, not the bright colours or interesting accessories, but relaxed tailoring and simple staples. No frills attached (quite literally). The trend manifests in several forms, allowing you to make the trend your own, something we look for when selecting trends. 

On the one hand, you could opt for a simple black knit midi dress with a crew or turtleneck. On the other, choose a simple fitted shirt and put an oversized blazer over the top to relax the look. Whichever way you go about it, remain monochromatic and you’re sure to be onto a winner.  

Wear with our Haltham boots, a classic riding-style boot which is minimal and monochromatic, the perfect pairing for the timeless trend.  

Trying out any of the above trends? Tempted by any of the boots mentioned? Be sure to tag us in your images on social and use #myduoboots as we love to see and share great style inspiration!