Our whole team are really passionate about our boots. When the fantastic designers put together a superb collection of boots, they can’t help but bring in the rest of the team to share the new looks. From IT, to Marketing and Merchandising - we all love to see what lovely surprises our customers have in store.

When Micki, our Assistant Merchandiser saw one particular style – she absolutely fell in love. Darwin, our new Chelsea boot, with a crepe look sole and metallic counter called out to Micki – and she’s been hooked ever since!

What made you choose Darwin?

I fell in love with these ankle boots as soon as I saw the initial design sketches from our designer. I love the fact that it’s a classic Chelsea boot, but with a twist. The camel suede is a great colour for going from summer into autumn, so these are definitely boots I would wear day in day out.

How would you describe your typical style?

I’d say my look is ‘Cornwall casual’ – you’re more likely find me on a beach surfing than in the big smoke. A good pair of jeans, a stack of hoodies and lightweight tops. Being able to mix a match is what I want out of my wardrobe, which is partly why I chose these boots in a stylish neutral colour.

What’s your favourite outfit to wear with these boots and where would you wear them?

I love to wear these with black skinny jeans and a casual loose tee – the boots for me really are the feature of any outfit so I keep it pretty simple.

Why should someone own these boots?

If you love a classic style, but still want to stand out from the rest of the high street, then these are the boots for you. I love the metallic heel counter! Plus, they’re just so easy and comfortable to wear for stomping around town.

Thanks Micki!

If Micki’s inspired you to have a look at Darwin, click here. Also available in Khaki and Navy Suede... resistance is futile!