At DuoBoots we make beautifully fitting boots for every woman, thanks to our unique 11 calf sizes. 

We wanted to talk more about the fit of our boots and brand in general, to share exactly what we do and what makes it so great. 

But don't just take our word for it...

When a friend recommends a product, we listen, because we trust them and value their opinion. So with this in mind, we have taken your feedback and comments and collated them here; in a shared space so you can see what the fit of our boots is really like, from real women. Enjoy!

We pride ourselves on every aspect of our service, no matter how small. This means you shouldn't just expect beautifully fitting boots, but a great delivery service and boots of the highest quality, to name just a few of our key values. It is these values which are helping us to slow down the fashion cycle, as we work towards becoming more sustainable as a brand. 

As well as extended sizing beyond the high street or any other retailer, you can expect our boots to be of ultimate comfort. Our design and fit specialist works tirelessly to create boots which fit, and feel beautiful. 

Thanks to our 11 calf sizes, we cater for all women, including those with wider calves! No one need feel ignored or overlooked when shopping with DuoBoots.

This also means, we cater for women with calves smaller than sizing available to them elsewhere. What's more, take care of your boots and they are set to last you several seasons, making them a clever purchase. 

DuoBoots is a place women know and trust, coming back time and time again to receive the support they do not receive elsewhere.

We hope that sharing this feedback has been a useful insight for you, but should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via our social channels or you can contact us here: Contact Us