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Mothering Sunday: Time to Celebrate

Mothering Sunday: Time to Celebrate

Mothering Sunday is a celebration for all, as a time for sharing joy with your female relationships. Join our discussion here. See our styling tips here.

Kilver Court Gardens from Directors Suite

With Mothering Sunday coming up, it has us thinking about the significance behind the occasion and how we would like to celebrate. Traditionally, Mothering Sunday is a day for spoiling and pampering the mother figure in your life. As consumers, everywhere we turn there’s another inviting display of flowers and chocolates; a common way we show our love and appreciation.

Traction to get the day going comes from a variety of places and people, all influencing the day to make it as significant as it is today. The event is typically accredited to Anna Jarvis, who coined the day ‘Mother’s Day’ in 1908, when she held a public memorial for her mother in the US. Over the years, the day has been developed by many people, including President Roosevelt, who designed a stamp in 1934 to commemorate the sentiment.

Kilver Court Gardens from Directors Suite

What might surprise you is that the day only became a real commercial opportunity in the 1950’s, which shocked us considering how much of a commercial event the day is at present. We think the best way to celebrate this day is by going back to basics, enjoy the sentiment of appreciating and giving thanks to the women in our lives who have played a care-giver role. This needn’t be limited to just mothers, but also mother figures. This may be your mother, or it may be your auntie, your best friend, or even your work colleague, it can be unique to each person.

We believe Mothering Sunday is the perfect time to show your appreciation for such a significant person. To help, we have put together various ideas for how to spend the day and how to express your gratitude, all of which can have a personal touch, to make it that little more special.

Kilver Court Gardens from Directors Suite

Ideas on how to celebrate your mother figure

  • Make a personal card to show and express your appreciation.
  • Plan a day together doing something you both love. Perhaps a treasured location, or even recreating a day that you both cherish the memories of.
  • Bake them a delicious cake or make them their favourite dinner and spend the time to sit and enjoy it with them.
  • Buy them a gift, something they have had their eye on for some time (a beautifully fitting pair of boots perhaps?).
  • Create a photo album, a place to display the lovely memories of the two of you.

To share the love and inspire you further, we have put together our top 3 Mothering Sunday campaigns from other brands and businesses!

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Also be sure to look at some of our local businesses and activities
  • Longleat, where mother’s go free all weekend! 
  • Bramley, a gorgeous local brand of bath and body products, subscription gifts available. See more here.
  • Stourhead, have a weekend event on for young families.

However you plan to celebrate the occasion, we hope you make it one to remember! Head over to our social channels and tag us in your images using #myduoboots we love to see and reshare styling inspiration!