Malvern, a Black Leather knee High is often heralded as a great everyday boot thanks to its undeniable comfort and simple style.

Malvern has a practical sports sole, designed to reduce impact on your legs and cushion your feet. The comfortable nature of Malvern is often what draws people to the style, yet it has so much more to offer.

The understated design is what allows the boot to be so versatile, as no style of clothing will ever clash with the knee high or be overpowered by it thanks to its simplicity.

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To prove our point of how great Malvern can be, we have put together four how-to-wears for a whole host of occasions. Of course, whilst we are heading into Summer in the UK, that is not the case for the rest of the world, and we all know the weather is temperamental at best! So we hope you will find something which suits you and your current season here!

1. Easy office styling

Malvern is great for the office. Whether you spend the day at your desk, or running between meetings, you can trust Malvern to look smart without sacrificing on comfort.

2. Easy Sunday

The laid-back nature of Malvern makes it appropriate for your weekend wardrobe as well as your weekday outfits. Having a family lunch and heading out for a light stroll afterwards? Malvern will have you set. 

3. Popping to the shops

For those days running errands, Malvern will serve you well thanks to the practical sports sole, meaning you can shop without the drop!

Don’t forget our knee high boots and over the knees are available in a choice of calf size and many of our ankle boots come in a wide foot width for a beautiful fit. Don’t know your calf size? Check our Fit Guide for advice on how to measure up for your perfect pair of boots.