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It's time to find your perfect fit

It's time to find your perfect fit

As you know, we've always championed inclusivity when it comes to our sizing, offering the most extensive choice of calf sizes in our knee high and over the knee boots you can find anywhere. So, you can enjoy that perfect fit feeling whether you have wide legs or need a slimmer fit. Not forgetting the great selection of foot sizes we offer across our styles. 

Whilst this sizing has always been present, the imagery and messaging used has not always been the best reflection of this. But that's in the past.

three women wearing black leather flat boots

For the new season and every season moving forward, we've brought our empowering fit message to life, allowing customers old and new to be able to visually understand what it is we do. We hope this is welcomed news for you and that the images are as exciting to see as they were to produce. 

But we haven't stopped there. As well as refreshed empowering and uplifting imagery across our site, emails and social channels, we are thrilled to finally unveil our Fit Finder.

The clue is in the name with this one, as this tool is here to help you do exactly that, find your perfect fit. Comprised of a series of questions from the expected calf size, to perhaps the unexpected body shape, this development on our site will allow us to suggest the best styles for you moving forward, giving you a personalised experience at your disposal. 

But don't think this is only for the new customers amongst you! We've been rather clever with the development of this tool (if we may say so ourselves, credit where credit is due!) and even if you have been shopping with us for years and know your size well, this new development will benefit you too. 

Once you have completed the Fit Finder your shopping experience on site will be entirely personalised. That's right, once we know your true fit, we can be with you every step of the way, reminding you of your size and recommending the best styles for you, so you can get it right first time and achieve that unique and beautiful DuoBoots fit. 

So what are you waiting for? The time has come for you to find your perfect fit!


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