Our customers often tell us what a relief it is for them that they found DuoBoots. Comments often include words such as ‘I just can’t fit into ordinary High Street calf sizes’, ‘High Street boots look like wellies on me!’ or ‘I’m only a centimetre or two larger than the standard High Street size, but this means I just can’t do the zips up in other brands’.

The reality is, all our bodies are different shapes and sizes. Imagine, if bras or jeans only came in one size, only a small percentage of the population would be able to wear them! It is unclear why many boot makers think that ‘one size fits all’ will work when it comes to boots, but at DuoBoots this is never the case. We don’t offer ‘standard’ calf sizes... we offer your calf size.

From slimmer to larger calves... and everything in between!

As a guide, 30cm is the smallest calf circumference size we offer. This is pretty small. Our boots then increase in calf size in 2cm increments, up to and including the High Street average which sits at around 38cm, and extending on to cater for calves up to 50cm. We have a choice of different boot styles to cater for a variety of ankle sizes and leg lengths, so check the fit notes on the boot you are considering or call us and we can help!

Kestrel shown on three members of our lovely team in 32cm calf, 38cm calf and 42cm calf.

For those of us with larger calves, finding the right fit is really important, but being able to do them up is only part of the story. They need to look fabulous, fit well and make you feel lovely every time you put them on. There is no reason why you should have to compromise because you don’t happen to be High Street ‘standard’. Celebrate your individuality and never feel embarrassed or unusual if you need a larger or smaller calf size – it is completely normal!

How to measure your calves... for a perfectly fitting boot!

To help with finding the right fit for you whatever your calf size, we have produced this short video to show you how to measure your calves. Take a moment to see what we recommend:

If you’d like us to send you a free tape measure, we can do that too! Just click here and send us your postal address:

If you are in any doubt...just call us! We are experts and know our collection inside out! Tori and her Customer Care team have tried on everything, and know just how each boot fits and feels so they can chat to you, find out exactly what you need and recommend accordingly based on their expertise and experience.