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Festive Styling 2019

Festive Styling 2019

We have a boot to fit any occasion this Christmas – be inspired by our styling suggestions.

The Christmas period is often so busy, that finding a mere second to think can be a challenge. Buying and wrapping presents, decorating the house, and of course trying not to forget anyone when writing the Christmas cards are just a few of the time-consuming tasks which the festive period demands.

Of course, it’s easy to forget about yourself in the midst of organising the big day, which is where we can lend a hand. To try and relieve some of the stress, we have put together some styling suggestions for our beautiful collection of boots. We have used clothing you are sure to have replicas of in your wardrobe, as as yet another trip to the shops may not sound too appealing right now...that’s at least one thing you can cross off the list!

Christmas Eve

Whether you are hosting a drinks party or heading to your local pub to spend time with your nearest and dearest, Tunstall works perfectly for Christmas Eve thanks to its versatile nature. A black suede over the knee, the boot features a subtle stretch panel at the back to help ensure a beautiful, leg-lengthening fit.

Here at DuoBoots we often receive questions and comments from our customers worried that they may be too mature for an over the knee boot, or lack the confidence to style them. This however should not be the case! As Tunstall is a flat boot, it is immediately more casual than any heeled style, making it simple to swap even with your trainers when wearing a simple jeans and jumper combination.

When it comes to a festive look, we suggest opting for a midi-length dress, preferably a wrap style. This way, the over the knee factor remains a secret until you walk or sit down, when others will see a mere flash of the length of the boot- an instant confidence boost.

As the boots are black, they pair seamlessly with whatever your favourite mid-length dress may be. We chose this striking blue option, sure to put you in the party mood and easily worn under a knit should you need to be more casual or perhaps just a little warmer.

Christmas Day

There is no standard way to spend Christmas Day. Some of us get dressed up and head out for lunch at a nearby pub or hotel, whilst others enjoy a relaxed day at home, getting stuck into the cooking and making the most of the Christmas specials on television. However you spend the day, we think great boots shouldn’t go amiss, which is why we are naming Somerton as the Christmas Day boot!

Somerton in red suede - the most festive of shades - is the ultimate festive boot! Designed with a pointed toe, sleek black edging and elasticated side panel, the boot is ready to top off any party outfit or elevate any casual ensemble. Thanks to its elegant kitten heel, Somerton ensures you are smart enough to head out for dinner, but also comfortable enough to play that inevitable game of charades at home.

We have styled the boots with black, to let them do all the talking. However, we have made a point not to forget about important factors such as feeling well-dressed and smart, yet comfortable and ready to eat plenty of good food!

A skirt works well with Somerton, allowing you to show off the ankle detail and exude femininity, so we opted for this satin version. Such styles have been dominating the high street for the past few seasons. Of course, you can pair this with your staple black knit, but to spread a little more festive spirit, we chose a sparkly jumper which manages looks toned-down and comfortable (win win!).

Boxing Day

It’s Boxing Day where our traditions seem to be shared. Having enjoyed lots of great food for the past few days, it is now the time for us to try and get some fresh air and (gentle!) exercise. This is also the day where we feel we can be more relaxed, allowing ourselves to wind-down and reflect on the busy and joyful time!

As the outdoors is now involved, but you are still likely to be celebrating in some form, we have opted for Rydal, a smart yet practical boot. Western inspired with a curved top line and almond toe, the boot is as appealing on the eye as it is comfortable on the foot.

As you are now braving the outdoors, we suggest styling the boots with lots of lovely cashmere, sure to keep you cosy, yet good enough to wear around the table. A simple pair of jeans works well here, especially if they have plenty of stretch for all the chocolates you received and leftovers which need eating up!

We opted for soft shades of grey and pink, paired with staple blue jeans and a cosy coat - everything you are sure to have your own beloved versions of (or perhaps have found under the tree!)

New Year's Eve

As if all the parties, drinks and food hasn’t been enough, it’s now time to do it all over again just for one night! New Year’s Eve is the time to get together with friends and family for one last party of the year, and in this case, decade!

As this is the time for a party, we think you should take the opportunity to stand out! Kingsmead is our leather shoe boot which features a low-cut top line and pointed toe. However, as soon as you notice the heel, the boot comes into its own. The multi-coloured heel gives the style a contemporary edge and is sure to elevate your outfit (pardon the pun!).

As the heel hosts a multitude of colours, your styling options are endless!We think it’s best to keep things simple by picking one colour from the heel to incorporate into your outfit and stick to black for the rest.

Putting this into practice, we opted for deep burgundy wide-leg trousers which are free flowing and exude sophistication. Offsetting these with something sharply cut and fitted on the top half avoids any office-type look. Of course, layer as you wish with a leather jacket or a double-breasted blazer (especially if it has satin lapels) to keep things sleek.

How are you styling your DuoBoots for AW19? Do you have any favourite trends from the ones highlighted? Tag us on social with #myduoboots ...we always love to see and share some styling inspiration!

To be measured for your own pair of DuoBoots, head into our store on Milsom Street, Bath. Alternatively, email us at contactus@duoboots.com to request your free tape measure.

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