When you love and support a brand, of course you want to know what they are working on behind the scenes, so you can get excited for what's to come, and give your input along the way!

So now is your chance! As part of our mission to improve our transparency, we are going to update you, when we can, with what we are working on, to keep you in the loop as much as possible.

Here's the main events:

New boots...

- We are finalising our upcoming collection, taking onboard your comments and feedback to help shape it; conversing with our factories; and working as a collective (even if it is over Zoom) during this strange time. 

- We are working on limited edition styles, to introduce those trend-led, bold designs many of you love so much, without compromising on our core collection of timeless classics. Make sure you keep those ideas coming, to help us!

The website...

- We are putting new processes in place, new pages on the website and more blogs to try and make your customer experience the best it can be. We never want you to feel confused or let down by us. 

The creative..

- We are planning exciting giveaways; working with like-minded brands to bring you great prizes. We know you will love this news!

- We're planning our new product lifestyle photography, and trying to get creative with how we show our diverse range of sizes. 

- And finally, we are drinking a lot of coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon as we get to grips with our new roles. As a small team, we have taken on responsibilities which require skills and knowledge which are new to us, so your patience is very much appreciated!

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