The fit of a DuoBoots boot is like no other and we’re not afraid to say it.  

That’s right, we are proud to say you won’t find a fitted boot like ours anywhere else. We are the only company to offer such an extensive range of calf sizes, 11 to be precise.  

Thanks to these 11 calf sizes, you can be sure to find your perfectly fitting boot. What’s more, thanks to our range of styles which vary in factors of design such as ankle cut and height, you are also going to find your beautiful fit in these aspects of the boot also, meaning it’s a win win  situation! 

But don’t just take our word for it, let us prove it to you.  

In order to do so, we have taken images of our real women in their boots and made notes, so you can see perhaps what you didn’t before and spy what makes DuoBoots such a beautiful fit. All of these women love and wear their boots often, so you can see even lived-in pairs of DuoBoots still look great.


1Sherwood as worn by Jess from @abrunetteedit 

  • Take note of the snug, but not too snug calf fit. 
  • Notice the sleekflattering fit around the ankle.  
  • The rounded toe is practical, flattering, but also comfortable on to help avoid any toe-pinching.  


2: Kestrel as worn by Cat from @catsanz 

  • See how the boot sits at the perfect height below the knee, not too short but not too long so not to dig into the knee and be uncomfortable. 
  • See how the small heel helps to elongate the leg. 
  • Notice how the boot is slightly higher at the front in comparison to the back, to hug the calf and elongate the leg for a flattering look. 


3: Tunstall as worn by Marie from @mrsmlmode 

  • Note how the zip does not bend or gather.
  • See how as an over the knee, the style is supported by both the zip and the elastic, meaning it sits at the perfect height with no annoying need to be pulled up constantly. 
  • Also see how the boot remains fitted through the foot, ankle, calf and bottom of the thigh, where no compromise has been made on getting the individual measurements of each different size correct.  


So there you have it, it really is the little things which matter and make the difference when it comes to a beautifully fitting boot, but such are details which we value and make sure not to overlook when designing and fitting a new boot style.  

If you are looking for your very own beautiful fit,  take a look at our Fit Guide and Boot Guide to see what style is best for you depending on factors such as your height and ankle width. A great tip is to always look at the fit notes on each individual product, to learn more about its unique fit, as this varies depending on the style.  

Have you found your beautiful fit? Be sure to share an image on social and tag us using #myduoboots we love to see them and share them to our empowering community!