We often receive lovely comments about the eye catching illustrations on our boxes. Lesley from Flitwick, Bedfordshire saw potential in our illustrated design and got in touch to share her story with us…

Lesley runs a colouring group that meets once a week in the local library. Lesley decided to take a Ted&Muffy box along, where it was the envy of everyone at the group! When Lesley contacted us to ask for some more boxes we were more than happy to help…

“When they arrived, everyone’s faces lit up! The design of the boxes is such a creation, now that we have finished colouring in we use them to hold our pens.” - Lesley

There are about 15 people in the group, with ages ranging from 30-something to 80-something. There are some really inspirational members, including ladies that have been on a balloon flight!

"The pattern is such a stunning design; we’ve all loved colouring in the boxes"- Lesley

Colouring has had a calming effect on members, assisting with cognitive skills. It’s also a great social activity, bringing a sense of normality and fun.

“We have two adult members in their 30s with Asperger’s and the colour therapy has been invaluable, encouraging them to take part and form new friendships.

The pattern is such a stunning design; we’ve all loved colouring in the boxes.” - Lesley

Thanks to Lauren in Customer Care and Lesley for sharing this story, we think the coloured-in boxes look fabulous.

Mindfulness through colouring has become incredibly popular in recent years; having a calming effect on the mind, it can help block out negative thoughts… Why not give it a go with your Ted&Muffy boxes?