It’s a new year and you feel it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe. If a new pair of boots is on your wish list.... then read on! Our experts have shared their tips on how to ensure they will last you not just the rest of 2018, but for years to come.

Invest in craftsmanship

Choosing a pair of boots that have been made with the utmost care means researching the craftsmanship behind the boots. A pair of boots made in China which sell for £50 may not be as high quality as ones made from leather which are handcrafted by someone with decades of expertise behind them. Yes, the price will be higher, but when you account for the cost of replacing a cheaper pair of boots, you in fact get better value for money by investing in a good quality pair of boots!

Find the right fit for your legs

Most knee high boots available on the high street come in one or if you are lucky, two choices of calf size. Seeing as legs come in all different shapes and sizes, this doesn’t really make sense. What’s more, if the boots don’t sit on the leg properly, there’s risk of damaging the material either by it sagging and creasing, or by stretching.

At DuoBoots, all our knee high boots come in a wide range of calf sizes – from 30cm to 50cm. And if you’re not sure what calf size you are, our Fit Guide makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Give your boots some TLC!

It doesn’t end once you’ve bought your boots. Regular after care could mean the difference between boots lasting 6 months and 3 years! Here’s how to keep them looking their best for longer:

Boot trees – pop these in your knee high boots to keep them upright and avoid creasing the leather

Protector spray – spray on leather or suede to help repel snow, mud and dirt.

Leather cream – easy to apply, it will freshen the colour and give the leather some much needed conditioning.

Suede protect spray – simply give your suede boots a spray and let it dry to help refresh colour and give added protection

Suede brush – for suede or nubuck boots, a care brush will help to keep a clean velvety look.

Rest – also remember to give your boots a rest every now and again!