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Boots for Plus Sized Women

Boots for Plus Sized Women


If you're a plus-sized woman, then finding a pair of boots that actually fit your calves can be tough. We've seen a gap in the market for close to 50 years, and have worked to design wide calf options to ensure plus sized women can find boots that fit and are also stylish, and don't have to be limited by size.

Since 1974, DuoBoots has been the most inclusive boot company in the world for curvier women. We offer calf sizes from 30cm right through to 50cm, so no matter what your shape or size is, there's a DuoBoot for you.


DuoBoots is the most inclusive boot brand in the world for plus sized women

If you've struggled to find boots that zip up over your calf, DuoBoots proudly produces boots to overcome this common wardrobe woe faced by so many women.

Our goal is to help women feel both confident and stylish while they're out exploring their world. Our boots are designed in London and handmade in Portugal using the finest European leathers and are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes so that every woman can find something she loves.

Plus sized women can find boots that fit and are also stylish, and don't have to be limited by size.

The key to finding boots that fit well is knowing your calf size. DuoBoots are available in eight different calf sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique shape.

Measuring and finding the right fit for your calves is critical to buying boots that will work well with your legs.

How to Measure Your Calf

To measure your calf, you will need a flexible measuring tape. Place the end of the measuring tape at the widest part of your calf and wrap it around to meet at the other side.

You can use this measurement to find boots that fit you properly by comparing it with our size chart. Start at the widest part of the calf muscle and wrap a tape measure around it until you reach just past where you want to wear your boot (be sure not to pull too tight). Be sure to measure both calfs, an opt for the bigger of the two if they differ from one another.

For more information, visit the DuoBoots Fit Finder.

Find your style, whether it's casual classic, edgy, or feminine, then find the right size for your calves so you get maximum comfort in these premium boots!

There are a wide range of styles available in our wide calf boot styles. If you're looking for a casual look, then the traditional Western-inspired designs like Saffron or classic riding styles like Verity or Haltham will do the trick. For something edgy and unique, opt for a stiletto boot such as Freya or the ever-popular Belmore.

The right size is essential to get maximum comfort in these premium boots. If your legs are thicker, we recommend choosing calf widths that have more space at their top (but not too much) so there's room for those beautiful calves of yours; plus sized women can generally go up 1/2 size larger than their usual shoe size in order to accommodate wider feet and ankles as well as thicker calves; many ladies feel more comfortable when they can wear socks inside their boots which adds extra cushioning around their footbeds; if you tend towards having bigger feet and longer legs consider going up half size larger than what would normally fit best - this way both feet won't feel squished together uncomfortably inside the boots.



We hope you found this guide helpful, and now have a better understanding of how to shop for boots! As we've discussed, there are lots of options out there when it comes to plus sized footwear. We're happy that you have chosen DuoBoots as your brand of choice because we make it easy for women like you who are looking for something special. Whether it's our wide selection or our commitment to quality craftsmanship, we hope that these features are enough reason for why everyone should try our products out at least once during their lifetime.

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