Whilst it is summer here in the UK, it is winter over in Australia, meaning it is the perfect time to pull the DuoBoots out and get good wear out of them! 

With this in mind, we have put together some of the great styling images we have recently been tagged in by women in Australia, to celebrate their style and be inspired! 

Let's begin with Tara (@tara.the.explorer) wearing Marvel. We love how Tara has styled the boots in two very different ways. First up is her 'borrowed from the boys' outfit, featuring what is typically masculine tailoring, and that of an oversized nature. Marvel finishes off this outfit perfectly by adding a little interest but still complimenting the overall minimal look. 

Secondly, Tara has taken queues from the blue trend which is circulating currently, as it is a true summer hue. Also displaying a mix of femininity with the more tough-style boots, a great mixture of seasons and styles. 

Tara wears Marvel Black Leather in a 34cm calf. 


Now, let's take a look at Anoushka (@anoushkamarie) wearing Huntsman. We love how she has styled them casually and cosy, perfect for a day of running errands or relaxing with friends and family. We think many of you will love this look for its smart-casual ease, something we can all recreate without having to hit the shops. 

Anoushka wears Huntsman Black Leather in a 40cm calf.  


Next, let's take a look at Bronte (@lifewithbronte) wearing Marvel. Bronte's style is inherently boho, and the boots pair perfectly with her floaty, floral dresses. Marvel has a 'worn-in' look which compliments a boho outfit and also makes each pair that little bit unique. 

Bronte wears Marvel Black Leather in a 38cm calf. 


Finally, we are putting the spotlight on Angela (@fassionfruitgirl) wearing Camden. Angela is effortlessly inspiring and we love how she has paired the grunge nature of Camden with black accessories, all offset with a baby pink, feminine blouse; styling which demonstrates perfectly, how you don't have to be strict in following the style of the boots. 

Angela wears Camden Black Leather in a 36cm calf. 


Have you been inspired by any of the styling shown? Be sure to tag us in your styling images wearing your DuoBoots and use #myduoboots over on Instagram!

Disclaimer: The boots featured were gifted to the women, who are influencers in Australia.