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Notes on style with DuoBoots Changemaker Dr Mena Fombo

Notes on style with DuoBoots Changemaker Dr Mena Fombo


Speaker, diversity and inclusion facilitator, coach and consultant Dr. Mena Fombo has some styling tricks up her sleeve. Here she tells us about her wardrobe staples as well as her favourite DuoBoots styles.


What DuoBoots styles did you enjoy trying on? Any surprises about how styles felt and looked on?

My two favourites were Marvel – I love the brogue design in a boot, so you can dress everything up or down – and the raspberry suede Copley, which made me feel like I was about to walk on stage! I like how they are a statement boot.

As someone with flat feet, it can be hard to find boots with the right width on the leg and in the foot but DuoBoots is a real game changer!

What do you love about dressing in the autumn and winter months? Are you guided by the seasons? What outfits do you create? Please share the colours, shapes and textures you gravitate to.

Autumn is definitely my favourite season for clothing. I love to wear shirts or collars with a jacket or blazer and some skinny jeans – I tend to wear black with splashes of bright colour, and of course coordination is key, so I’ll wear matching earrings or scarf to finish the look! My favourite colours at the moment would be burnt orange, mustard yellow, and maroon is a staple.


What are your wardrobe staples?

Black skinny jeans are a 100% staple. I've also got to have a good tracksuit with a massive hood ready at the drop of the hat and big earrings are an absolute must!

And I have long open shirt – almost like a cape ready just incase I need to dress up! It’s almost like a signature – so I don’t have to stress about what to wear, if I always wear the same thing!


Have you curated your wardrobe? What do you look for when considering a new purchase?

I’m all about a good shirt! I spend a lot of time on video calls, doing workshops and talks – I have a shirt on the back of my chair, like a cape as something I can just whip on over anything I’m wearing – I’ll deliver the talk, then off it comes! The rest of the time you’ll catch me in my tracksuit, with my hood up. These days I always shop for comfort with a hint of sophistication – it’s all about balance! Oh of course I go for quality – I try to buy things I think will last.


How will be you be wearing your DuoBoots this season and beyond?

I’ll be wearing the Copley boots anytime I have a chance to go out and socialise! They’re not just for special occasions – every day I wear them will be a special occasion!